night-time showers vs. morning showers

has there even been a study of % people who take their showers at night vs. % who take them in the morning?

I take a shower on the first of each month wether I need it or not.

Now I know why they call you Stinky.

I take shower in morning. Dont know why. It can be nice having a shower before bed you feel nice and clean.

I usually shower at night. My reasoning is thusly: I almost always go to the barn after work, where I get filthy. What’s the point of showering in the morning if you’re going to spend the night smelly? So I shower when I get home. My SO agrees with this line of reasoning, btw.

I shower at night. That way my hair will dry overnight and I don’t have to fuss with hairdryers and such.

This will probably end up in IMHO but…

I used to always take showers at night, because going to bed all smelly is kind of disgusting. Then your sheets and pillows get all covered in old skin grease, and the stuff just piles on on gets ickier. Ick.

But now since I’ve figured out that my hair looks nicer if it has a chance to air dry, I usually take showers in the morning. If it wasn’t for my hair, I’d deff. take one at night.

Quick anecdote:

One time I was on a school trip with the band, and no one took showers at night except me and one other person. When we woke up, the water in the hotel had been shut off and everyone was incredibly dirty (we had played 2 shows the night before and spent the rest of the day on the bus). The band director ended up walking to the gas station across the street and washing up in the gas station bathroom. Since then i’ve always thought it a good idea to take a shower at night, because you never know when you might not have water…

But still, I go against my will and take a shower in the AM anyway :wink:

Why not wash your body in the evening and wash your hair in the morning, then you keep the sheets clean and get your hair air-dried.

i shower at night because if i didn’t, my hair wouldn’t be dry until about 2 pm.

I shower at night because otherwise I’d have to get up earlier.

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It’s nice to know that Dopers take showers, and while we appreciate the fact that you do take showers on occasion, this is General Questions, not IMHO.

Does anybody have an answer to the OP?

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I do know there was a study of when during the course of your shower you wash your hair - it was something like 66% first, 33% last. I read in it a magazine some years ago and always remembered because I am in the minority and my husband is not, so he took it as proof that he had it right, not me.

According to Monitored Energy Use Patterns in Low-income Housing this pattern reflects hot water usage throughout the day. It shows the two primary times that people shower/bathe with the evening usage occuring over a longer period of time. This may also include:[ul][li]water used in cleaning dishes[/li][li]laundry[/li][li]kids being bathed (regardless of their preference)[/li][/ul] but the article suggests that it is correlated with bathing patterns. That correlation isn’t specified (and so I don’t know how the above factors play into this).

I shower in the AM & in the PM & sometimes during the day, it depends
on what kind of work I do. Why not? Who says it has to be one or the other?

When I lived with my parents, I always had to take a bath/shower in the evening, because we only had one shower in the house. When I hit middle/high school, I didn’t like this because my hair looked like crap if I slept in it, especially when it was wet, so I did the shower in evening/wash hair in morning.

But now I’m an adult and can shower whenever I damn well please (which is in the morning). :smiley:

In the morning and in this order:

1.0 Brush teeth
2.0 Wash hair
3.0 Hi, Opal!
4.0 Shave
5.0 Scrub body

Well I shower in the morning.
But that doesn’t mean i don’t wash up at night.

I usually wash my hair right after work.
wash my face and hands right after work.

Then right before sleeping, I wash my face and neck and hands… brush teeth…

I shower in the morning cos if I jerk off in bed I can clean mr sausage in the morning and it wont be all icky all day long…