Nightime you insensitive clod! You've broken my heart!

In a certain thread that was closed (so that I could not respond to you to clarify) you seemed to have totally misread my comments, reversing their meaning.

Of course, I may have misread YOUR final comment as being hostile when it actually was not, and looking at the situation again, I can see how you might have misread me, but still, it hurt my feelings that you took a post of mine that was loudly defending exactly your point of view as one that was actually agreeing with an ogre like… uh Ogre.

Only the first line of my post was in response to you: saying, pretty much, don’t lump everyone in the thread with the few people who you were arguing with: we’re not all (“any of you”) incapable of gratitude.

The rest was a response to the thread in general.

So I command you: go back to that unamed thread through this portal:
Read what I wrote again, this time realizing that what I was being was not mad at the boy in any sense, but rather totally incredulous at the suggestion that the boy could possibly NOT be sincerely thankful to his doctors as well, whether out loud or deep inside, given their obvious rapport and closeness. So, transform your perceptions of yours truly! Clear my name from your shit list!

(Note: any posts by others that attempt to continue the substance of that particular discussion here will be given a tart Three-Stooges-rasberry by me: start your own darn threads for you OWN nefarious purposes!)

I dared to use the words of a 13-year-old boy who doesn’t read or post here as a starting point to discuss the relationship of humanism to religion.

Shame on me.


As promised: pppppbbbbbbbbbtttttttt.

This isn’t about you (I shouldn’t have even made reference to you in it), tis about ME.

Fair enough, Apos.

Pardon my snarky comment then.

If it matters, I grokked what you were saying, Apos.


And the award for the obscure 2000AD reference goes to Libertarian !! Zarg will no doubt be pleased that his tireless efforts to increase our planetary linguo-thrills are not in vain
Which strip was ‘grok’ from anyway?


As for the OP, will Nighttime respond? Or will Apos heart remain broken forever…

Ahem. That was a HEINLEIN reference.

I hope.

Yes, it’s from Heinlen , but Judge Dredd also used “grok” as an expletive.

Regarding the OP – I get upset like all fury an’ storm over stuff on messageboards, but I do try to remind myself that it is just a messageboard. And so go the days of our lives …

Damn, and here was me thinking I was semi-SF literate.

Still my ignorance has now been slightly diminished…

So is mine, to tell th’ truth. I’ve always associated “grok” with Dredd. I’m more a SF comics reader than an SF novels consumer.


I responded to the statement that “the kid thanked God so he is less thankful to the doctors than we would be” with the equally hyperbolic statement that “the kid thanked God so he is more thankful to the doctors than you would be.” I didn’t mean to literally say that everyone is incapable of his level of gratitude, but to illustrate the neither argument was valid, and that we cannot conclude anything about the kid’s gratitude to the doctors.

Ah, I get it now. I did misread it, but not in the way you thought. I never thought you were saying that he wasn’t grateful. I thought you were saying that if he wasn’t grateful, that would test your sense of reality. I agreed with you, so I was reassuring you that it is exceedingly likely that he is very grateful, and there is no reason to think he isn’t. Now I see that that is what you were saying in the first place.

Maybe its an age thing, I haven’t read any Heinlen and went through a 2000AD addiction in my younger years.

Still no nighttime, perhaps Apos scared him off…

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From the Jargon File


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My apologies for my last comment.

Like sands through the hourglass

[sub] sorry I just couldn’t help myself[/sub]

Um, mdf, I think I got that link about an hour before …

And astro: :smiley:

Thanks, now I can rest easy, all matters clarified. I was truly worried!


Sorry, I figured that link was to a Heinlein bibliography.