Nightmare Food

Growing up around Philadelphia, I often had Sunday morning breakfast consisting of Scrapple…basically the stuff they scrape off the slaughterhouse floor.
That got me thinking of all the gross stuff others in the world eat:

Haggis-chopped up entrails boiled in a sheep’s stomach.

Balute (I think thats how its spelled)-take an egg with a chick embryo and bury it in the soil for two weeks, then hard boil it. Big with Filipinos.

You hear about any other barf cuisine?

Lutefisk, anyone??

How about blood sausage??

How about ortelon (spelling?)? As I understand it, it’s basically an egg that’s about to hatch, which is then cooked (somehow), broken open and eaten–chick and all. Ewwww!! I understand that they serve this is fine French restaurants, and they basically put a napkin over the diner’s head draping down to the plate (ostensibly to allow them full enjoyment of the aroma, but I think they just want to save other diners the trauma of watching someone eat one of these things)! Anyone else heard of this? Can anyone clarify the preparation/consumption of these things? I know they exist!

Well, it wasn’t gross, but I really didn’t like it when I tried it. Maybe someone who’s familiar with German food can tell me what it is.

I was in Dresden. It was white stuff you put on bread- called quark?(that’s phonetic spelling). To me, it tasted nauseating, and the people I was with couldn’t seem to get it- it was a favorite food of theirs. They never told me what exactly it was, either, but I * think * it is a milk product.

sanguinaccio - Italian pig’s blood sausage or blood candy.
czernina - Polish duck’s blood soup.

See this post for a bit more info.

That great speciality from Sardinia, Casu Marzu, comes to mind.