Nip/Tuck 10/03 (spoilers)

New episode tonight. Please tell me there won’t be a sex scene between Rosie O’Donnell and Christian. :eek:

Well, Mr. Budge has just made it a hell of alot harder to get a dime out of Bonnie in a divorce. During the consultation I kept thinking “Gee, wouldn’t it be creepier/funnier if she had her son in for a penis enlargment”.

Wow. That was one intense episode! Michelle is the organ thief?!?! :eek:

I did not see that coming!

Really, even before the season started I hear rumours that McNamera/Troy would become a front for organ smugglers. Isn’t funny how Sean was willing to tolerate Matt dating Nazis and transexuals, but felt humilated by his son picking up litter with his “church” group? :smiley: . And I half-expected Julia to tell Kimber to stay away from Conner.

Wow. Least competent deprogrammers ever.

I’m flabbergasted that I never made the connection between mysterious kidney harvester with medical experience and mysterious new cast member with medical experience. In my defense, I’m prepared to believe anything and everything when it comes to this show, so my radar is put away.

I will admit to some serious reservations about Rosie being on the show, but I was pleasantly surprised with her.

My favorite line of the night: “It looks like Liberace took a dump in here.”

I don’t understand why Rosie has such a bad rep as an actor.

Oh wait, “Exit to Eden.” Never mind.

Seriously though, she’s not terrible. She doesn’t have a huge range, certainly, but if she’s in a role she can handle it’s not like she’s an embarassment on the screen.

I’m willing to wager that the character portrayed by Rosie is actually Rosie!

I don’t think Rosie is too terribly concerned about enlarging anyone’s penis…