Let me just tell you that the eye surgeon is CREEPY! And the scene where they are surgically removing that blind woman’s eyes? UGH UGH UGH! Now I can’t stop rubbing my eyes! I can stomach most of the surgical scenes they do (because they are interesting to me) but the eye thing…YEESH! Partly because my dad used to retrieve organs from deceased donors, including eyes. He told me in great detail about the process involved, so seeing it done on the show was particularly oogy because I know when they are cutting the muscles connecting to her eyeball, using this funky bent knife thingy. And they show this lingering shot of her empty sockets…


I haven’t seen Nip/Tuck since season one. :frowning: I hear Julian McMahon is set to be the new Bond. He is sex. Hot, seriously.

That eye thing sounds cool though.

Julian McMahon, Bond? But he doesn’t have a British accent! That can’t be right!

You do know he’s Australian, right? His dad was the PM.

You know, I don’t get this whole “The new Bond [the actor, not the character] MUST HAVE a British accent” thing. Accents are faked all the time! It’s not that hard to do. Look at Madonna. Reese. Kiera. Johnny. (I watched Pirates today. Heh.) Sorry about the hijack, but can someone please explain this to me?

Anyway, he’s way hotter than that Brosnan dude. :wink:

It was a bit oogy, but they’ve done oogier. I’ve seen a fair bit of surgery, and I’m always impressed by the realism of those scenes.

The woman who played the blind girl (who used to be on Dead Like Me and before that was the Noxema girl) is from (roughly) my neck of eastern KY; I used to see her around every now and then back in high school. I didn’t recognize her until she got the eye implants.

I think McMahon would be a fantastic Bond. I was surprised that he was Australian when I saw the Season 1 DVD extras; I don’t see why he couldn’t be just as convincingly British.