No Breast Implants, Please

I note that the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will feature Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. But of course the pretty girl from the last movie is now too old. (Let that roll around in your brain box for a few minutes. Too old.)

So they are looking for a new starlet. The word has gone out those with breast implants need not apply. Supposedly, applicants will have to do a braless run, in order to show they are all natural. (Another image to roll around in your brain.)

I also note that the tabloids in the UK have adopted a policy of no implants for their Page 3 girls.

I think this is a good idea. If we accept that the media will continue to promote absurd levels of female beauty, at least they ought not to promote breast implants. I call on Playboy and others of that ilk to adopt similar policies.

What say you?

I’d love to be part of the visual inspection team. :smiley:


Very very tired of women looking like they cut a grapefruit in half and mounted it on their chests. The unnatural roundness is severely off-putting.
But PLAYBOY? Come on. Since when have they been relevant? Hef has been on a Plastic Blonde Fixation for way too many years now.

Can’t say that I really care. How many actresses of quality to lead a 5-6 figure movie are really going to have breast implants to begin with? My guess would be that the made the rule just to get rid of everyone who had no brain and for that reason wasn’t going to get the role to begin with, so they were just wasting everyone’s time. It’s much easier to put “no breast implants” than “must have medium or larger sized brain” in the recruitment material.

The Page 3 rule seems a bit odd, but maybe they discovered that their readership preferred natural?

I say this looks like an excellent subject for Cafe Society.

And breast implants are not a particularly high item on my list of things that enhance a woman’s visual appeal. I’d be okay if the product was primarily used in cases of medical, rather than recreational, need. I don’t deny any particular woman the right to decide on her own level of need, but barring an incident that has led to the need for reconstruction, such a decision is not likely to raise her in my esteem.

Maybe IMHO is a better place for this.

P.S. Keira Knightley is not either too old to stay with the franchise.

And I volunteer to be on the tactile confirmation inspection team.

No fan of implants either (except as already noted in cases where a woman needs it for reconstructive purposes).

I have always been surprised at the number of women who opt for these for cosmetic purposes only. I know of almost no guys who prefer that (doubtless there are some).

Hope Hollywood continues to send that message. IIRC Pamela Anderson was getting nowhere in her acting career till she got a boob job. After that her fortunes soared. Not a good message to send to young women I don’t think.

And Keira Knightley is too old? Is that who the OP is talking about? WTF??? She’s beautiful and as beautiful now as she was several years ago. Do not get that one at all.

I’ve seen 1 boob job in my life that looked like an improvement. And I lived and worked in Scottsdale for a few years, so I’ve seen a million of the things. If I was dictator, they’d be illegal.

And yet Johnny Depp has not aged a day!

As has been pointed out, leading Hollywood starlets are either not going to have breast implants anyway, or will have ones so well done that nobody would know.

Keira Knightley, who’s allegedly being replaced, doesn’t have a big chest. Neither does Natalie Portman, whose double Knightley has played. Neither does the girl from Alice in Wonderland, or lots of other young starlets. Those who are well endowed are naturally so, like Scarlett Johansson or former hot property Lindsay Lohan. There seems to be no trend for young actresses to get artificial boobs, so why’s this an issue?

Quite so. But love her as I do, even I must concede she doesn’t have the greatest tits in the world. Anyway, she said in a recent interview that she’s done with POTC movies.

That’s my impression as well. I’m just kind of puzzled why Keira Knightley is considered ‘too old’ to remain with the movie. :frowning:



I think you’re wrong here. If that’s true, it would be insane, since she’s going to turn 25 on Friday. But I think she’s just not interested in doing the series anymore. It sounds like she said a long time ago that she was not interested in doing another Pirates movie. (Notice how old that posting is.) Apparently she confirmed it just recently, but I don’t see anything about her being too old. She probably either wanted more money or wasn’t interested, or both. Maybe I’m wrong, but if you have a cite that the producers wanted someone younger than 25, I’d like to see it.

I think it’s easy to blame the media rather than the people who consume the media.

Right, because they spend $100 billion a year on advertising that has NO affect on people. It’s a little more complicated than that.

Yes, it is more complicated than that. But I didn’t see anything in the OP about the behavior of people who watch ads, movies, and TV. Just “the media will continue to promote absurd levels of female beauty,” without comment on the people who respond to it.

It’s a chicken or egg question.

Does the media push beauty ideals on people who are forced to accept it or does the media seek to provide what they think the populace wants to consume so they make lots of money?

Mostly it is a vicious circle.

Are the people consuming the media because it’s there, though? Like, if someone buys a magazine with a picture of a starlet with huge fake boobs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re in favor of huge faked breasts. It could just mean that this magazine/starlet are famous and so that’s what they buy. If there were a magazine with a picture of a starlet with natural breasts, maybe they’d buy that, too. It’s just kind of hard to judge when there aren’t alternatives. People, for example, say that we like to look at thin attractive girls in fashion mags, and that may well be. But if the entire world were spending millions of dollars on advertising and billboards and so on featuring models who tended to be normal to slightly heavier, and a tiny fraction of that amount featuring svelte models, can you really say that that’s what the “world” prefers? Maybe it’s just because that’s what’s out there.

ETA: Or, the chicken/egg thing that Whack-a-Mole just mentioned.

This video is a very good introduction to the study of women in the media. It’s only an introduction, and that’s only one facet of media studies, but I highly recommend it.

Aside from Ms. Knightley’s disinterest in continuing with the franchise, I would have thought that having the character established as married and either pregnant or with a young child would have meant they needed a new love interest. Presumably with small breasts.