NO CATS! (sqwee alert none-the-less)

I normally don’t go in for this kind of thing but come on these guys are WAY too cute.

Twin baby moose in sprinkler.

Cute animals, but I had to stop watching before the end due to the exceptionally annoying sound track. Whose thought pairing a schmaltzy bubblegum pop love song with frolicking moose made aesthetic sense? Someone I’d not enjoy sitting next to on a long bus ride, probably.

Look CarolSteam I’ve had just about enough of your… oh, wait, nevermind. :wink:

Oh that is so incredibly cute!

I just turned down the volume due to the cheesy music.

Aw snap. Not as funny as the VC03 reference in a recent thread, though.

Wow, I agree that the song didn’t match the video, but where’s all the hate for the Allison Krauss song coming from? She’s an amazing artist, and that song’s a classic in my book.

Alison Krauss isn’t cheese! Maybe a love song doesn’t match the moose, but I don’t think that song is bubblegum in the least! :mad:

The moose are darling, though. I wonder if Kaiwik has seen anything similar in her yard?

I wasn’t even aware there was a sound-track, since I always keep my pc muted. But omg, that was adorable.

Mama Moose is a monster! Yowza that’s a big animal. Baby moosies were very cute frolicking. Thanks for posting this.

Hey, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the song. But far better to be honest and admit it, the song (especially the lame-o lyrics) is not musically sophisticated, but you like it anyway. Nothing wrong with liking your basic, sappy 1-4-5-1 inanity from time to time - hell, give me a glass or two of wine and sunset on the porch with my dearly beloved, and I’d probably tolerate the song too (at least she has a nice voice). Just be honest about liking schmaltz, that’s all.

But moose. It all comes back to the moose. Nothing says “I love you” like moose cavorting in the sprinkler to the tune of sappy pop music?

One person’s lame-o schmaltz is another person’s lovely simple tune, I guess. A lot of people (including me) think that song is one of the all time greats.

But I’m with you on the moose thing. What was that person thinking?!?

Who cares about the music – the moose (or is it meese? ;)) were too cute for words! You could see how much momma moose loved her babies. They are SO precious! I want one now!

It’s cute until it grows up, crosses a highway, and takes off the top of my car and my head with it.


there was (or is probably) a video out there of cats doing silly stuff with this horrible old 20’s era sounding song that is so friggin sappy its sickening…so I replaced the sound track with slipknot, its pretty damn funny how a sappy cute kitty video suddenly turns all dark and evil.

cute moose though

That was so cute!!

After reading the other comments, I don’t feel bad about having to play it on mute!! (work)

Yeah, no kidding. When that giant beast came trundling out of the woods, I halfway expected to see a tiny Johnny Rico on its back, throwing a grenade into its blowhole.

(And yeah, moose are indeed gigantic. Saw one at a distance on a fishing trip in Alaska. The only way I knew it was at a distance was because I had been standing on the same spot a little while ago and I knew how far away it was.)

Are the babies really that small, or was the mother 9 feet at the shoulder? :eek:

A little from column A and a little from Column B.

If you get into a car accident with a moose, the moose will win.

I’ve seen a picture in a newspaper, once, of a bull moose jumping over a 10’ (I think) chainlink fence.
Not only are they huge, but they’re scary powerful too.