No consideration for my time

Here goes my first Pit thread.

One of my biggest pet peeves of all is when someone keeps me waiting far longer than expected or what I would consider to be reasonable. The pissed-offedness factor increases tenfold when I have limited time and have to be in a certain place later on, in this case, 30 minutes, and back to my workplace, respectively.

Today I went out with a couple coworkers for lunch. The guy who was driving told me before we left that he needed to stop at the bank first. I figured this was no problem as he probably just needed to do something quick like make a deposit. We get to the bank and he parks in the lot and leaves the engine running, another indication that he didn’t expect to be long. Boy, was I ever wrong on this one! I should have known, too, as this guy is particularly inconisderate when it comes to people waiting for him. The time went by 5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes… still waiting. I figured by now he should have come back out. From the looks of the parking lot the bank wasn’t that busy. Also, several customers had come and left in this time. Meanwhile, the radio is getting old and no song or CD, no matter how much I like it, can take my mind off of the fact that this guy is making me fucking WAIT for half of my 30-minute lunch! The time continues…20 minutes…25 minutes…still waiting. By this point my blood pressure is well into the unhealthful zone and I’m ready to rip this guy’s nuts off for making me waste my lunch sitting in the parking lot of a damn bank! Finally, THIRTY FUCKING MINUTES LATER he comes out! I’m like, Christ, it’s about goddamn fucking time! Now I have to take a full hour lunch and stay a half hour later because of this guy. As tempted as I was to rip him a new asshole for making me wait, I maintained my civility, though I did let him see that I had become extremely impatient. I hoped that he would have the decency to apologize, but apparently to have done this would have been beneath his dignity, whatever. I was also still willing to cut him some slack in case for some reason the bank may have been having problems with it’s computers or something, shit happens. His reason for having taken so long?


Here we are, on our LUNCH, for which we are allocated 30 to 60 minutes (though I like to take mine in 30 so I can get back to work sooner and leave earlier) and he couldn’t have waited until AFTER work, when nobody else would be waiting on him, to get his fucking loan finalized! He didn’t have an appointment at this time as far as I knew, and if he did, I wished he would have told me about this! He leaves work at 3:00, so he could have easily taken care of this matter afterwards.

My only reason for not knocking this guy in the teeth for being so inconsiderate was that, besides being the guy who helped me get the job I have, he’s been my friend since the fifth grade. In any case, I am definitely NOT ever going to go out to lunch with this guy ever again!

There, I got that off my chest and I feel better. Now let’s hear your stories of being inconvenienced through the actions of another person’s lack of consideration.

Don’t start me, I’ll give myself a heart attack and die before I can go home and wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

I think my heart rate doubled just thinking about responding to this thread.

I need a cool cloth and to lie down.

It is especially difficult to be inconvenienced when it’s by your friends. In my case it’s one of the members of my band who keeps cancelling our rehearsals week after week. He has reasonable excuses/reasons, but just the fact that it’s happening so many times - week after week is getting on my nerves. Mainly because when I wake up the morning of rehearsal I remind myself that we have rehearsal that night, so as always I have made no other plans. I have to make sure I get off work in time and make sure I have a few minutes to eat something, and I have to specifically focus on not singing too much, not raising my voice at the kids I work with, and basically just keeping my voice mellow so I can sing easily and clearly by the time night time comes. Now all of that is no big deal and I’m used to that routine, but on practice days when I don’t find out until the late afternoon that it’s cancelled again, I tend to get a bit frustrated. Then on top of that my husband, who is the guitar player, also has mentally prepared himself for practice and is also bummed out when it’s cancelled.

So that’s my little added rant, and yes, tonite rehearsal was cancelled so here I am on the SDMB. There’s no better place I’d rather be (besides rehearsal of course!) :smiley:

People being inconsiderate of my time is one of my biggest peeves in life. I hate it when people keep me waiting (I’m usually on time, of course), or cancel plans for no good reason, or don’t keep me updated so I can make my own plans. I consider it very disrespectful to treat other people as though their time is less valuable than yours, so I don’t do it to other people, and I don’t like having it done to me. Sitting in an office waiting for someone to give me a job interview is a HUGE stress for me - I walk out after waiting 30 minutes. I figure I don’t want to work for someone that inconsiderate of other people.

Wow I can really relate to this- Last sunday I went to the mall to pick up my friend from work. I was spending the day studying, but she begged and begged me to pick her up and I caved. Well, when I get there, turns out she has to stay 30 mins late. Then she wants to go get shoes and junk and I am like @#%! I AM LEAVING and she got all pissy that I was rushing her the whole time :mad: boy that pissed me off.