"¡No Contaban Con Mi Astucia!" QEPD, Roberto Gómez Bolaños

Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Mexican comedian, actor and playwright, died Friday, November 28, 2014, at the age of 85. His stage name was Chespirito and he created the iconic characters “El chapulín colorado” (the red grasshopper) and “El chavo del Ocho” (The kid from No. 8).

I can’t claim it’s a “tragedy” as Mr. Gómez lived a long, full, productive life and he and his works were appreciated during his lifetime, but I and several millions of people just lost a major piece of our childhoods. And someone must have burned some tortillas on the stove. Why else would my eyes be tearing up?

[sub]FWIW, “qepd” is an abbreviation for the Spanish “que en paz descanse”, which translates to “may he rest in peace”. And, “¡No contaban con mis astucia!”/“They didn’t expect my cleverness!” is the Chapulín’s catchphrase. And, fans of The Simpsons may or may not know that “Bumblebee Man” is an allusion to “el chapulín colorado”.[/sub]

I also watched his shows as a kid. An icon in Mexico.

A life time of making children all over the world laugh, that is a life well lived.

I watched his shows as a child in El Salvador. His humor was sort of a comforting thing for me, like listening to old songs that might seem corny now that you’re an adult, but take you back to the happier parts of your childhood. I will quote one of the catchphrases of El Chapulin Colorado, “Siganme los buenos!” (follow me, good guys!)