No good deed goes unpunished

This one has so far.

A pup shows up at the door. One blue eye, one brown eye. I’ve seen him behind the fence across the street.
They aren’t home.
Mrs. Plant calls other neighbors. He doesn’t live there, belongs some where on Smith street “by the creek”.

Guy on Smith street (past the creek) says he lives “somewhere on Jones street near a Baptist church.”

Note: There are 1,256 Baptist churches on Jones street. That’s why they call it the Bible belt.

Second driveway, first kid we see owns the dog. :slight_smile: Dog’s sibling has blue and brown eyes switched.
A neighbor who has befriended the wandering pooch shows up to ask as we deliver him.
Mrs. Plant and neighbor lecture kid about keeping dog up.
Mrs. Plant scrubs crate with soap. Dog had a certain odor to him, having been out a while.
Everyone is happy,including the wandering dog.
He and his brother, BTW are “Mountain Curs”.

Have you checked for fleas? :slight_smile:

Good on ya for returning the pooch, but even odds say it turns up at your doorstep again within two weeks. Of course, it’ll be a lot easier to take it back home next time.

He has so many homes to choose from. :slight_smile: