No gravity at Moon Valley?

Holy, crap, what’s going on at the Moon Valley Country Club? I know they shortened up the course and all, but man! Yesterday, Kris Tschetter, not one of the top golfers and coming back from surgery to boot, shot a 63.

And today, Annika Sorenstam shot a 59. A fify-fucking-nine! I shot a 59 once. On the back nine.

Have any of our members played this course? Are the fairways unusually wide, or the greens flat and slow, or what?

In any event, I wish I were in Phoenix. Looks like there’s some great golfing going on out there, and I wish I could see it.

Fifty nine? Damn. That’s, what, fifteen birdies in eighteen holes? I haven’t shot fifteen birdies in my life.

She had 8 birdies in the first 9 holes…if I get one birdie this year I will be happy, that is unimaginable. The sad part is this will end up being buried in the paper tomorrow…