No hitter.

I’m not really a baseball fan, just curious.
Has anyboby ever pitched a real no hitter? In pro baseball? I mean where nary a bat contacted a ball thrown by said pitcher.
I would think this feat would be extremely difficult. (as if a regulation no hitter wasn’t).

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Well, first off, you’d have to find a pitcher who threw 24 (home) or 27 (away) strike outs in a game. Then you’d have to check to see if any one of the players on the opposing team hit a foul ball.
The chance of throwing a no hitter would be quite miniscule. I don’t know of any pitcher who struck out every batter he faced in a game.

Of course a “hit” in baseball doesn’t mean the bat striking the ball. It means a ball struck into fair territory and the batter reaching first base, at least, safely on an errorless play.

Actually, a step up from a no hitter is a perfect game – where no batter reaches first base.

No. A “hit” in baseball means you hit the ball and make it to the base (assuming no error). It does not refer to simple contact of the ball.

The major league record for strikeouts in a nine-inning game is 20. That leaves seven outs by other means – usually by making contact in some way. None of the 20-strikeout games was a no-hitter, so they all had someone hitting the ball.

No perfect game had 27 strikeouts. Someone had to hit the ball at one point.

That’s as far as the major leagues are concerned. Minor league records are often more extravagant, but it’s extremely unlikely something like this could ever happen.

Not difficult, impossible. Sooner or later in a no hitter, somebody tries to bunt for a hit. Anybody with any talent at all is gonna at least be able to make contact on a bunt attempt. Nolan Ryan in his prime against a HS team couldn’t do what you described.

Chief, home or away you gotta put down 27 guys. They only skip the bottom of the ninth if the home team has the lead, which they couldn’t if they hadn’t put anybody on base.

There was a 27-strikeout game in the minors once, but it wasn’t a no-hitter.

And then there’s the legendary Steve Dalkowski, possessor of a 115mph fastball, who routinely struck out 15+ a game in the minors…usually with about 12 walks.

To be frank, furt, I stand corrected. Must’ve be my sun-addled brain. Every no hitter consists of 27 outs.

Uggh, sorry, wrong link. Try: CBS SportsLine - Breakdown: No-hitters from unlikely sources

Well, I didn’t think it sounded possible, and I didn’t even think about the bunt.
As I alluded to above, what I know about baseball would’nt fill a thimble.
Thanks, guts.

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guts is OK by me, we are talking sports here.

By this criteria, a pitcher could WALK every batter and pitch a no-hitter. The game would still be going on, however…

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