No, I will not star in your "Film" you little psycho!

This happened mostly over the course of the last week, but I’m just now getting a chance to sit down and type it all out.

Recently I decided to go back to school. I haven’t been in a few years and I’m still nervous even though I’ve already started, but I’m also excited. One of the things I was excited about from the get go was the thought of meeting some film buffs who were writing or even -gasp- making independent films.

See, my best friend and I used to carry a camera with us everywhere. Sometimes we would write scripts or improvise comedy or action, sometimes we would interview each other as if we were already famous, and sometimes we’d just film ourselves around town acting like idiots. The fact is I love film. I love watching movies, I love writing, acting, directing, basically everything about it. So I was naturally overjoyed when, on my first night of school last Tuesday, I saw a flyer in the hall. It read:

I thought, “Awesome! Some kid is making an independent film!”

So I emailed and asked him for more information. He wrote back and said he would like to meet me as soon as possible. I thought this was kind of weird so I wrote back and told him we should talk on the phone or at least email more to make sure we were on the same page. I described myself and left my cell phone number.

He wrote me back the next day and said he would really like to meet me Saturday morning. I wrote back again and told him we should really talk on the phone and make sure we aren’t wasting each other’s time, he still hadn’t told me what this project was all about.

Suddenly it dawned on my Thursday night what an idiot I had been. I was half tempted to jump out of bed and write him an email saying “I have a girlfriend, and I DO NOT do porn!”, but I let the feeling pass and fell asleep.

The next morning (Friday) he finally called me while I was at work. He said he wanted to meet me the next morning in the parking lot at “Phoenix College” (I never heard of the place) and he told me where it was at. I told him I wasn’t ready to commit to anything because I still didn’t know what this was all about. He said,

“Ok, can you do improv?” Yes, of course I can do improv. I love improv.

“Alright,” he said “this is basically what the project is about. You’re going to be playing a cop. There’s not really a script so it’s all 100% improv. There aren’t any cameras either-”

I cut in at this point, “Oh, so it’s like a play…”

He replied, “Well, yea, kind of, but there isn’t really an audience either. We had a lot of fun last time we did this. Basically you’re just going to get to ride around on a four-wheeler. So what time should I meet you there?”

I told him I would have to get back to him later on that, even though I had already decided FOR SURE that there was no way in hell I was going to meet this guy.

I had told him earlier that I was at work and I couldn’t talk for long so he said, “Well, I work too. I’m a Phoenix cop; special forces and undercover, so I won’t be home tonight-”

I’m thinking this kid sounded really young to be any kind of cop, maybe 18 or 19 years old.

He continued, “but you can leave a message with my parents. If they ask you who are just tell them you’re a friend of mine and you want to leave a message with them of what time you’re going to meet me.”

So I get off the phone with this creep and immediately run-down the situation in my head. What we have here is a kid who:

[li]Wants to do some really weird project but doesn’t have any friends, so he posts flyers to get people to do it. I found out somewhere in our conversation that he doesn’t even go to my school so that makes it even weirder that he put flyers there…[/li]
[li]Wants to meet me in an empty parking lot on a Saturday morning[/li]
[li]Says he is a cop, probably lying but also probably has a gun, and already has an excuse for having one if he does - He’s a cop![/li]
[li]Implies riding 4-wheelers, which in Phoenix means going out in the middle of nowhere[/li]
[li]Lives with his parents and doesn’t have a cell phone, which means - not to look down on him for that, but these things are adding up - at his age he probably doesn’t have much of a social life.[/li]
[li]Doesn’t want his parents to know about any of this[/li][/ul]
I’m half-tempted to call the Police or do something but I’m not so sure how much man power they would put into investigating a kid who is “doing a weird project.” I just feel REALLY weird about this and I wish I could somehow warn the other people he is talking to.

He called me this morning and I didn’t answer but he left me a voicemail. He said the project is going down really soon and he “already has one actress!” so I’d better hurry up and get in touch with him if I still want to do it!

The whole situation just really creeps me out. I hope I’m not missing anything in the retelling of the story. Everyone I’ve told in person has been sufficiently creeped out. My girlfriend was downright scared.

I would call his parents.

I agree with fluiddruid, the only thing to do really is to tell the kid’s parents. I just had to pop on and say this is really creepy. Even worse, he has your phone number.

On second thought, I suppose you could get a bunch of friends together, show up a little late and scope out the meeting spot from a distance to assess the situation, and if he seems harmless enough, meet up with him. The presense of other people will throw him off guard, and if you sketch out a little “improv” of your own, you can really mess with him by acting creepier than he is. You know, introduce your girlfriend as your sister and keep making out with her. Have one friend stay in the back of your car and occasionally twitch and/or drool.

Not saying you should, mind you, but if I was in your position, the possibility would absolutely be discussed amongst my friends.

Hmm amateur porn director or fledgling serial killer? Only time will tell.

In the meantime I’d call the cops on his ass. No matter what he’s doing it’s very very shady and creepy sounding.

Well, Phoenix College is a real and legitimate place. The rest of it sounds like the saga of some creepy weirdo. I’d just avoid him like the plague. Does he know enough about you already to retaliate if you told his parents or the police?

Well, he knows my cell phone number, my first name because I told it to him, and my middle initial and last name because they are part of my email address. I hope he isn’t psycho enough to try to do anything with this information.

If he’s a “Phoenix cop” and he wants you to meet him at Phoenix College, he might mean he’s a college cop. At my school, plenty of them are 18 or 19, and they certainly do not have guns.

Sure does sound creepy though. If he only has your cell number, you might be able to block all calls coming from his number. Also, you may be able to report this to the office at your school that is in charge of maintaining public bulletin boards. I’m sure they’d take down his signs as soon as they notice 'em.

You’re right, I didn’t think of that. Do they college cops at your school have special forces/undercover units? :wink:

Do you know any cops?

This sounds so unbelievably cheesy; but, what if it is that one in a million chance where being alert can really make a difference?

I don’t know. I think you should vet this guy and make sure he isn’t psycho. But, I work with cops so it’s easy for me to imagine telling them about it. You may not be in the same situation. But if he’s claiming to be a cop, then I definately think he’s moved into dangerous ground, even if the only thing it calls for him to be grounded for a month.

Maybe the guy wants to make a snuff film. Cisco, you should go!

So that he could get killed?


Hey, the guy is presenting himself as a cop. Call the real ones and see if they’re interested in checking him out?

Impersonating a police officer is a crime. That applies to campus police as well. I’d call the real police and verify his credentials.

:o Sorry! I shouldn’t play Manhunt that much

Maybe he is a corrupt CCPD (Carcer City Police Department) SWAT officer :smiley:

Yes, he does sound creepy, and I wouldn’t touch this situation with a battlewagon and the 7th Cavalry backing me up.

It sounds like he’s continuing to bug you because a) he hasn’t heard from anyone else except this “actress” and b) you haven’t told him you’re definitely not doing it. You’ve implied it, but he’s obviously not getting the message.

I doubt the police will help, since he hasn’t talked about doing anything illegal. Whether you want to involve the parents is your call, but I think you should definitely tell him you’ve changed your mind and don’t need to hear anything more about it.

That’s what sucks. I have this horrible feeling that this creep is up to no good but no concrete evidence to support that feeling.

He called me two more times today but I didn’t answer and he didn’t leave voicemail this time. I wish I knew when he was going to be “at work” so I could reach his parents. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone though.

If it really bothers you that much, you could look up his home address using his phone number and take a quick cruise by – ONCE, so you can’t be accused of stalking the stalker! It wouldn’t tell you much, granted, but at least you’d know where to send the cops if hopeful “actors” and “actresses” started turning up missing.

This situation gives me the creeps. Seriously. It’s just too… off… to be right. In any sense.

My hunch, this is just me thinking here, is that this guy’s a rapist/murderer. Paranoid of me? Perhaps… but consider…

He’s asking a female to dress up like a cop then go with him (and another male/female couple, ideally) on a four-wheeler with no cameras.

Female cop = fetish, victimizer/victim reversal issues perhaps
No cameras = no legitimate project, no record
Four wheelers = difficult terrain, isolation

If I were a woman, I can’t imagine a situation in which I’d agree to this. Not even if I had a gun. Not even if my friend who came with me had a gun. Not even if my 20 friends who followed us had humvees with guns on them, and guns.

The one situation I can think of is that he’s got some ‘friends’ somewhere and wants to freak them out by bringing a cop to their ‘secret location’.

But, if that’s the case, why 2 male and 2 female?

Nope, this just ain’t right, somehow.

Call the cops.

I’m a guy Phnord. Otherwise I agree with you.