No, I'm not cross-eyed.

I just posted a thread in IMHO called,“Can you go home again? Would you WANT to?”
Then I went to IMHO to see where it was and found it was posted twice, with, I think, one other thread between my two.
I had been trying to post it for about ten minutes and kept getting a “board too busy” sign.
I guess one slipped through the system somehow while I was getting a “too busy” sign.
What do you think,Tuba?

I’m not Tuba, but I play her on TV (or something like that).

You submitted your thread to the server, which then tried to display it for you. Then you got the “too busy” error and went back and re-submitted.

It happens.

In general, if you hit submit, the board will get your message… Eventually. This is even true, apparently, in those cases where the board says that it didn’t get it. Trust the CGI.

If you’re really paranoid about it, and the post was one that you don’t want to lose, then save it in a text file on your computer, and check back 24 hours later. If it hasn’t shown up by then, then you can go ahead and repost.

What I will generally do if I get one of those messages, since I normally have two or more browser windows open reading different fora (so much SDMB, so little time!), I will check the thread in one of the other windows while keeping the reply window open just in case. Only once has my post actually gotten lost, and in that particular case it was just as well…

What Geobabe said. I normally work with only 1 window open, so shenever it’s just hanging there with the hourglass twirling, and I think it might have lost a post, I Open a New Window (IE5) (tell the Reply window to Stop first, so it’s just sitting there), click Back in the new window (this brings back the thread itself), then click Refresh. Usually my post shows up at the bottom of the thread after all.

The only times the CGI has lost a post for me were the times the phone rang and disconnected me right after, like 1 second after, I hit Submit. All other times, even with getting disconnected in mid-Submit, the CGI caught it and it was there when I refreshed the thread.

I think you only need to wait 10 minutes, not 24 hours, to see if your post turns up. How long can it take to squirt packets through a router? Either they’re there, or they aren’t.

Also, I have Juno, and I finally realized (duh) that with Juno you can switch back and forth between the E-Mail Read window, E-Mail Write, and Web. So if the SDMS server’s being especially cranky and slow (and if it times out, it WILL lose the post), before I click submit, I can just Select All in my Reply Window, and Copy and Paste my magic words to the E-Mail Write page, as though it were an e-mail in progress. This is easier and faster for me than having to go find WordPad or Notepad and fool around with them.

Although then of course I have to deal with the idiot prompt box when I Exit asking me helpfully, “You have e-mail that appears to be unfinished. Do you want to save it to a draft folder?” Um, no. :rolleyes:

Thanks, Ducky

The fact is, and I should have mentioned this long, long ago, that I have webtv+ and the computerese goes so far over my head that I can’t even hear the whoosh.
So thank all of you: I think I understand all I’m going to.