No Love for Adrian Monk?

Did anyone watch the season premiere?
I thought Stanley Tucci did a marvelous job mimicking a character that Tony Shaloub very carefully created. I imagine rehearsals for the TV show looked a lot like the scenes where David shadowed Monk

I was wondering when he was gonna appearon the show, The acted together in “The Big Night” as the brothers Primo and Secondo. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fight they had as Primo and Secondo was a better one. Then again, they were both a bit younger.

Yeah, I liked Stanley Tucci a lot in this episode. I hear he’s good in The Devil Wears Prada, too.

So how many new episodes in a “season” of Monk?

They were also both in the movie, A Life Less Ordinary, but didn’t appear in any scenes together. Shaloub just had a bit part in it.

I think we usually get 13 episodes each summer. Does that sound right?