No, Mom and Dad, I am NOT going to Guelph with you to visit my sister and her family

They keep bugging me to go with them at some point this summer. I’d take the bus to Ottawa, then drive to Guelph with them.

Of course I want to see my sister, brother-in-law, and three beautiful nieces.

But NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL am I embarking on a 6-hour road trip with my parents. I’ve been through more than enough hellish-screaming-and-fighting-and-my-mother-bursting-into-tears-and-my-father-telling-her-she’s-fucking-lost-her-mind-while-I-pretend-I-can’t-hear-them-because-I-have-my-walkman-on-or-pretend-to-be-asleep roadtrips with them. And I’m never fucking doing it again. NEVER. :mad:

NEVER AGAIN, I tell you. I’ll go to Ottawa when my sister & brood visit. Fine. But so long as I’m on God’s Green Earth I shall never again go on a road trip confined in a small space with those two psychotics.

And what’s worse, I have to think of excuses. Either that, or I’ll just tell them the real reason why I won’t go. They’ll say, “Oh we won’t fight” but come on, who are we kidding here? :rolleyes:

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You gotta love road trips with the family, in the same way you look back on a divorce and think of how much fun it was.

My condolences.

Road trips with the family can be real hell sometimes. I was going to have to think of an excuse earlier this summer for a prospective road trip with my family and another family, but the trip never materialized. (due in large part to my siblings getting summer work) While they were on the trip, I was going to go over to their house and use their way faster computer, but of course wasn’t going to tell them that.

It seems that road trips, at least with my family, disintegrate into crankiness and irritation (if not outright screaming, yelling, and fights) by about the second or third day. What kind of way is that to spend “family time”? I think it’s being forced to spend time 24/7 with your family, in cramped quarters… without any of your own “space” to breathe free and be private.

Hope you can find a suitable excuse, Scott. (will work do?)


Busses and trains go to Guelph. No need to detour to Ottawa.

I took several rolls of film to be developed and some of the pictures were of the last roadtrip i went on with my family, to Orlando, and the one they took a couple of years ago, to Virginia.

The Orlando pictures were totally fucking classic. Sleeping people, some trucks, and the fucking sides of the road. You can imagine my joy when i saw them.

Scott, can you audio tape your parents fighting (if you can handle the trip, that is) and play it back for them to show them that yes, they do fight?

Oh, that’s awful! How about… no, can’t think of an excuse. Tell them you’re running away to join a dancing elephant squad or something. Just don’t go- family road trips are just wrong after about 15.

Just remember that one day your parents won’t be around to take road trips with.


“We don’t get along in a five-bedroom HOUSE…Dad’s idea is to stuff us all in a station wagon, and drive cross-country through the desert during the hottest part of the year. Great idea, dad, let’s confront our tensions!”

– Bill Hicks, R.I.P.

I guess I can’t speak for scott, but have I ever mentioned how much these comments make me want to punch the people making them right in the mouth? I don’t give a shit how much you like your parents. I don’t give a shit how much you think other people ought to like their parents. The fact remains that some people genuinely don’t. I leave for college in a month and a half, and I have no intention of ever seeing mine again. They are manipulative, emotionally abusive, tantrum throwing people who should never have been allowed to reproduce. And still I get people telling me how I should appreciate them more. I know your comment wasn’t directed at me, but the whole concept of ‘parents always == good’ pisses me right the hell off.

I just hope you realize that Guelph is the sound a sick dragon makes.


You mean a simple little comment made you want to punch someone in the face? I suggest you either take a prozac or enroll in some sort of anger management course.


Good for you. I suppose they couldn’t have been decent parents to raise such an angry child.

Yeah, and that’s exactly what I said. Parents are always right. :rolleyes: If you want to bitch at me at least do it for something I said. Asshole.


*Originally posted by MGibson *

You mean a simple little comment made you want to punch someone in the face? I suggest you either take a prozac or enroll in some sort of anger management course.


Yeah, the frequency with which I hear ‘oh, you should appreciate them more’, ‘oh, you’ll miss them’, oh this oh that, pisses me off.


Actually, not that you likely give a shit, they’re angry, manipulative, emotionally and verbally abusive people who scream and throw tantrums whenever one of their children has a thought that isn’t ‘yes daddy’. I’m in therapy working on undoing the damage they did in the 20 years I lived with them. Their response to me going to therapy was to scream about what an ungrateful little bitch I was. Then I was a stupid little shit who couldn’t handle her life for having any problems in the first place. So please, forgive me if I get unpleasant in response to talk of parents.

Oh yeah, there’s no implication of anything about how parents are inherantly wonderful when you respond to ‘god I hate taking trips with them’ by saying some smarmy little shit about how someday you’ll wish they were around to take trips with. So feel free to take yout little ‘asshole’ and shove it yours.

Why are my threads always fucking hijacked?

No, really?

Because its a public message board.

And some people have to detract from the point at hand, no matter how much it detracts from the OP.

I just hope you wear a condom while typing on the SDMB.


Well, your OP was pretty much self-contained. Aside from people sympathising, there isn’t anything else to say about it.

Daikona (cool name, BTW!), you could be me. Some of the road trips I took with my parents ended up being fodder for entire sessions of therapy.


Scott, I sympathize with you. I love my family, I do, but I can’t make it one HOUR in the car with them without realizing what a BAD idea it is for me to spend too much quality time with them. My trick to avoiding these situations? I am an EMT and unfortunately when they get the great idea for all of us to go somewhere in the same vehicle, I tell them I’m on call and can’t leave town. Works great. (Can you tell I am a passive-aggressive personality?) ;D