No Need to Suffer Through the New Dukes of Hazzard Movie

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, there’s lots of reasons not to watch the film when it comes out, but we all know that some of us have a “reason” to want to see it (namely a scantily clad Jessica Simpson). Apparently at the end of the film she gives the ol’ General Lee a bath while wearing a bikini. Thankfully, screencaps of this have shown up on the web, so there’s now, no reason to have to suffer through the film just to see this. :smiley:

Ye gods, and I thought the Paris Hilton hamburger commercial was blatant…

Poor girl, they didn’t even have the budget to warm up the water; she must be freezing! :smiley:

Those pics suck. You can’t even see the car because there’s some dumbass chick in the way.

But those are only stills. There may be a whole lot of first-rate and highly professional acting going on in between the scenes shown there. I’m just gonna have to see the movie to make sure.

I have a friend who is flying from Florida to Washington D.C. to see the movie on opening night with her brother (since he lives there). They grew up watching the show and are both huge fans, and she says she can’t in good conscience see the movie without him.

These are from her music video for “These Boots Are Made For Walking” and not, so far as I know, from the movie. It’s kind of as if “Here I Go Again” had been made by Tawny Kitaen and not Whitesnake.

Dern tootin’. The movie isn’t about the people, dagnabbit, it’s about the car. Show us the car!

I agree, more Charger action, lets hear that Hemi roar!

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m looking forward to the movie (on DVD, not in the theater). I love that freaking car so much, and the trailer I saw had the most over the top, ludicrous stunts. It looks like the car was shot out of a giant cannon, it has to be 60 feet high. My inner 10-year-old is psyched!

Plus, it’s directed by Jay Chandrasekhar who directed Super Troopers and several episodes of Arrested Development, so it’ll be good for a few laughs.

Give that girl a ham sammich.

Gosh…I miss the days where I washed the car while kneeling on it’s soap covered hood while doing a yoga pose.


If those pictures are to be believed, the Charger gives women who wash them incredible orgasms.

Not that I completly disagree, but JS is actually one of the curvier “it list” women right now. She actually has boobs (seem real) and hips. Needs a bit more in the thigh area, and a bit on the lower ribs, but not too bad, in the long run. As long as she doesn’t pull a Lindsey Lohan and become an anorexic cocaine slut, I’m ok with her. Now Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Winslet, THOSE are women. :wink:

Oh hell yeah. Good taste!

And her dad’s a Baptist preacher?

Lawd have mercy! Her nipples are gonna scratch the paint!

Great, then Jessica Simpson may end up the next Mamma Cass.

You could always go to Jessica Simpson’sofficial site, and watch her video from the movie, (on her “news” page) which has moving images from that scene at the end, or wait for it to play on MTV too.

From what I understand, as part of a cost-saving move, they stuck the video in at the end of the film (some unique footage to both, of course).