NO NO NO you can not have Apartment

I just got of the phone with my sister. Who more or less said she wants me to move out of apartment so her and her boyfriend could have it. Now let me explain the situation I’m in with my place. I rent a studio from my aunt and uncle at about half of what they could charge for while I do stuff at my Jr. Collage (yeah I know how much JC are looked down on here at the dope). Well my sister who is getting tired of living in Bakersfield pretty much told my that she thinks it’s her turn to have my place so her and her boyfriend of a whole whopping 4 month (she moved in with him almost 2 months after they started) can have it. Now I really like my place I like the town, I like my friends and I love how little I pay. Now I’m going on my second year in this place am I some how obligated to move out so she can have it.

Rite now I’m actually really scared because I really don’t have anywhere to go (besides my parents) if my Aunt and Uncle diced to give the place to her. I really don’t get where she gets off asking for my place I mean I pay my own bill I pay my rent for this small square of the world what rite dose she have to it damn. Or am I just being selfish? I’m sorry I moved out first, I’m I got a nice place at a dirt cheap price, BUT YOU CAN”T HAVE IT.

Unless there are some details to this story that you are leaving out, your sister seems way out of line here. She already has a place of her own, but still wants to take yours just because its a better deal for her? Even though it would put you in a tough situation? That’s crazy.

Are there any legit reasons why she thinks she is entitled to a shot at this place, besides that she thinks its “her turn” for it? Like, was it expected when you moved in that it would be temporary? Or, has this place been passed on between other members of your family or something? Was she offered, or promised this place at any time? I can’t see why she’d even think she’d have a claim to this place to be honest, based on the OP.

this looks vaguely familiar…

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