Someone help me pull this knife out of my back

ARRRRGHHH! (this is how a lot of Pit threads start, but in this case, its appropriate)
This is for you, my two soon-to-be ex roommates. Just for background, let me fill in the situation. I’m a college student who lives off campus in an apartment complex with two other people I met last year while I lived in the dorms. When we first moved in, we were all trying to settle down, plus one of my roommates had recently broken up with her boyfriend who ended up living across the street. I stayed good friends with him, so things were tense for a bit (the third roomie never really liked him) but then things seemed to calm down. At least thats what I THOUGHT…
Fast forward to the present. Roommates recently started dropping hints they wouldn’t stay the end of the lease as agreed, maybe moving out around summer or so (lease is until August). Fine by me, thats your dishwashing liquid, YOU soak in it. But now they want to move out in less than THREE WEEKS! WTF?? Oh, they try to be all nice about it, saying they’ll wait until I have somewhere to go to, but who the hell do they think they are fooling? Why the FUCK didn’t these people do this BEFORE classes started up? I also have a part time job to consider! The part that really got me steamed was their insisiting I sign an agreement before they would even specify why they suddenly felt compelled to vacate the apartment! Its not that they found some other place, they are moving into a two bedroom in the same complex (thats really the painful part for me, its practically a slap in the face). Thankfully I do have some people who are willing to put me up til the end of the school year, but this following rant is for those two worthless goat humpers (ahem):
I don’t like you.
Thank you oh so very much for waiting until the start of the quarter before informing me of your lease-jumping plans. I hope rabid hamsters come and nest in your naughty bits. I can only hope that both of you end up failing this quarter and are forced to leave this city in disgrace. If you both were on fire I wouldn’t piss on you to put it out. Thank you again.

(sorry to everyone else out there, I just had to get this outta my system. <sighs>. Well, back to homework)

Well, as my manfriend would say (and often does), “People suck.”

hi i am the Ex Boyfriend, and she is right. her roommate a disgrace to the human race. i have tried to very cool living across the street from my ex i only talk to her to give The Raven messages. and she still is like " leave me alone". i hope the there cars get stepped on by a Large Gundam

the smurff

Says featherlou

It’s too bad they rarely suck well.

Hey! Some of do that really well! :smiley:

Raven, have you considered voodoo dolls? I feel for you. Though I don’t have those kinds of problems, I know what a pain it is to have things fall out from under you during school. If its any conselation, at least it wasn’t during finals.

Are their names on the lease? If so, you might want to warn your apartment management. 8^) There can be substantial penalties for breaking your lease.


Willing to prove it, hon?

This sure sounds like a, “Put your mouth where your money (maker) is.” type of proposition if I’ve ever heard one.

Raven, you didn’t mention one important thing. Did these evil bitches from hell (a term which I use with absolutely no sarcasm–I’ve been there myself) get along well with you? Did you see it coming? Was there bad blood between you before? Though if there wasn’t before, I can certainly see how there is some now.

Hopefully, they signed a lease, and everything isn’t in your name. Even if they did, you’re still in a bind, but they’re f-ed too.

Good luck–

If you think your heart can take it. :wink:

What, exactly, was the agreement that they asked you to sign?

THUMP, thump. THUMP, thump. THUMP, thump.

Yup. Heart’s fine. Now get yer cute l’il mouth down here and get to work!

Okay. First of all, it’s not work. It’s an art.


::sound of knees hitting floor::

I dunno if this belongs in the Pit anymore, since I’ve pretty much cooled down, but anyway.
Looks like I’m moving out by the 23rd. The agreement with the landlords gives them a 350 dollar penalty for transfering their lease over to another apartment under their control. I’d rather stay in the complex myself but there is no current one bedroom open. So I get to spend my study time searching frantically for a new pad.

As for the lease, all of our names were on it, so I couldn’t just be kicked out. And as far as I can tell, the roommates and I got along alright, excepting the issues of transportation (I lacked a car for much of last quarter), one of their boyfriends practically moving in, me being the only one with a job…ok, so I guess we didn’t get along well at all.

Geez Raven, my heart goes out to you. That’s a really rough thing to have happen to you anytime, let alone in the middle of the school year. Like Arden said before thankfully it wasn’t during finals week.

Look at it this way though, you don’t have to live with them anymore, but they have to live with themselves everyday of their lives. Sounds like you came out on top of that deal.

And in all honesty you are way better of without roomates like that. Nothing will make your school and professional life suffer more than lousy roomates. Believe me I know.

Heh. Now that’s what I call a good line…

Raven, have you contacted Student Housing? They’ll often have a list of students or visiting scholars that are in need of a place in short notice.

(Are we a murder of corvids yet?)

Well, I’ve already found another apartment to move into so this seems to be turning out great. Better than I initally expected, since now I don’t have those former roomies on my back. I even get to keep my internet connection! Woo hoo! (I’ve gotta keep up my SDMB habit somehow)
I liked the line about the rabid hamsters too, even tho my hamster has never bit anyone. I suppose its a bit late to train her as an attack hamster. Maybe if I got an attack porcupine…:wink:

(aww, foo, I’m not even mad anymore. This doesn’t even rate being in the pit now)

Might I suggest some Chipmunks of Chaos or some Woodchucks of Doom? They’re so much more effective than your run-of-the-mill Attack Porcupines. Of course, for uniqueness, you can’t beat one of these here Nutrias of Destruction…

Juniper200, purveyor of fine Rodents of Runination.

Or “Ruination.” Whichever you prefer. Whatever.

Would Killer Swamp Puppies work? I dreamt about these a few days ago, and they scared the heck out of me!