i hate my sister

I just got of the phone with my sister. Who more or less said she wants me to move out of apartment so her and her boyfriend could have it. Now let me explain the situation I’m in with my place. I rent a studio from my aunt and uncle at about half of what they could charge for while I do stuff at my Jr. Collage (yeah I know how much JC are looked down on here at the dope). Well my sister who is getting tired of living in Bakersfield pretty much told my that she thinks it’s her turn to have my place so her and her boyfriend of a whole whopping 4 month (she moved in with him almost 2 months after they started) can have it. Now I really like my place I like the town, I like my friends and I love how little I pay. Now I’m going on my second year in this place am I some how obligated to move out so she can have it.

Rite now I’m actually really scared because I really don’t have anywhere to go (besides my parents) if my Aunt and Uncle diced to give the place to her. I really don’t get where she gets off asking for my place I mean I pay my own bill I pay my rent for this small square of the world what rite dose she have to it damn. Or am I just being selfish? I’m sorry I moved out first, I’m I got a nice place at a dirt cheap price, BUT YOU CAN”T HAVE IT.

Remedial classes anyone?

this looks vaguely fmiliar…

Is the place big enough for all three of you? Could you split a larger place if need be? I’m inclined to say that if you need the place to continue your schooling there’s something to be said for that, but at any rate it is ultimately the decision of your aunt and uncle.

Craneop2, I don’t know if you meant it to come across like that, but your last comment does sound quite mean.

I double posted I’m still trying to figure out how i got two different title subjects


It’s your aunt and uncle’s decision, presumably they approve of your studies at junior college, whereas your sister basically just has a boyfriend, whoopee. I’d say you’re safe unless there are other factors I don’t know about.

Yeah Craneop2, that wasn’t too nice, even if it was funny.

To the OP: Your sister is selfish and immature (and sounds like she’s been spoiled too.) Step 1.- Stop worrying. It won’t do you any good. Step 2.- Talk to your aunt and uncle, and explain that this situation could be brought to their attention by your sister eventually. Like other posters said, they are the ones with the power to decide the sitch, so it is very important they hear your side first. Tell the truth: you can’t afford a better place while you’re going to school. Be sure to mention that your sister wants to live there with her boyfriend. (They might feel very differently about renting cheaply to a non-family member).
Step 3.- (DON’T do this until after Step #2) Tell your sister unequivocally that you have no intention of moving. If you’ve already talked to your aunt and uncle and they have affirmed that you have first right to the place, you are free and clear.

If I were your aunt and uncle, I’d see all KINDS of reasons to let you keep the place. That your sister already has a place with this boyfriend she hardly knows, and wantzs to drag him with her, are both BIG strikes against her. If your relatives have any sense of fairness (or are just experienced landlords) I’d say you’re safe.

And FTR, there is nothing wrong with junior college. We all gotta start somewhere. :slight_smile:

Is your sister in school? Does she work? These things can make all the difference. As everyone else said, though, I wouldn’t worry. You are in school, you had the apartment first and you have proven you can maintain it.