No page there but it displays?

What the??
How can that happen? There is no post their.

Probably a user posted on the second page whose post got deleted, but it didn’t undo the second page link.

There’s a real simple explanation, Aslan, but it’s a bit weird.

If you look at the ATMB list, you’ll find that the last poster for about half the threads is someone named yummyjuice25. But you can look in vain for any posts by him, because as explained in the thread asking about him, Administrator Ed Zotti banned him and deleted all this threads. What he did, apparently, was to try to post to every active thread in ATMB, just to say he did it.

On the Registration Agreement as of 12/6/2002 thread, there were 50 posts, the last one being Desmostylus’s test post. Yummyjuice’s post made 51, and therefore opened a new page (at least if you’re using the default view of 50 posts per page, as I think everybody is). However, his post was then deleted – but the new page had been opened to accommodate it. Hence, open page, no posts on it.

Thank you.

That’s not quite right, Polycarp. I posted after yummy-juice_25.

I posted to two of the three unlocked stickies to get rid of the yummy-juice_25 name. C K Dexter Haven had already posted to the third one.

The other yummy-juice_25 posts will fall off the bottom of the page eventually.

That was only the stickies, Desmos, our friend yummy posted in about 20 different threads. I didn’t have the time, energy, or heart to post after him in all of them.

And his motivation is questionable, Poly. The post was a link to a porn site. I’m speculating that he was also trying to be on each post on the page, but his purpose may have simply been to advertise his porn site.

I hope he enjoys himself a lot now, so that when he gets to his eventual reward (prison or hell or both), he’ll have something to look back on fondly amidst his suffering and torment.

This yummy person has been proven to be a “bot” who simply went to numerous vBulletin boards and did exactly the same thing. Sometimes the “bot” signed u[ with differant names but the IP’s were the same domain. This bot also somehow got around boards that had the moderate new users activated.

Just thought I would bring this up that it wasn’t a real person.

Well, there was a “real person” somewhere who invented it and sicc’ed it on us, and on others. And THAT person is the one who will eventually be in prison or in hell, and I will stand by and laugh.

Sorry, Desmostylus. Let me emend my comment to take what Desmo said into account – yummyjuice25’s post was the 50th in the sticky thread in question; Desmostylus’s post opened a new page. But when yummyjuice’s posts (not threads as I misstated in my first answer) got deleted, Desmo’s fell back to the end of the first page – but the second page had been opened for it, and remains extant with no posts occupying it.

And, since that, a cleanup of the yummyjuice mess has deleted Desmo’s post along with the other relics of his/its incursion here, and the Rules Update thread is now back to 48 posts. “Run – it’s the incredible shrinking sticky thread!” :slight_smile: