no place feels like home....(long)

well…this is new. at the moment you could almost say i’m homeless. i can’t go home (i’ll get to it) and i’ll be living in friends houses for up to 3 and half weeks. fun, i must say.

ok, the story behind it. on thursday my dad, whom some of you may know from other threads, is a serious alchoholic, sort of threw me out of the house. i guess it was more me leaving than him kicking me out. he was trying to make me clean up some of his mess in his workshop area. well, first he asked me to clean up some of my stuff from the old trebuchet which had broken. i was waiting for a phone call at the time and said to hold on til my call comes. he get’s mad and says no. i say yes, goes back and forth a few times. finally he gives up and gives me ten minutes. call doesn’t come, so i threw the chunks of wood into the wagon and carried some rather large rocks to the end of the yard, where there is large pile. so i finshed that, and enter the garage. i hear him practically screaming his head for me saying i’m not done.
me: “yes i am.”
him: “no your not!”
me: “uh, yeah i am, i cleaned up the wood and rocks.”
him: “you carried the rocks down to where you got them?”
me: “yeah…”
him: “you carried them down one by one? and i don’t where you f$#%ing got them!!!”
me: “i got them by the pond.”
him: “ok…”
me: “so i’m gonna go wait for my phone call.”
him: “NO!”
me: “why?”
him: “your not done.”
me: “???”
him: “there’s still a HUGE mess to clean up!”
me: “um…ok”

fast forward after about 10 mintures of angrily tossing wood into wagon. phone rings. my freidns mom will pick me in about 20 minutes.

me to dad: “ok, i’m getting ready, cj’s (friend) mom will be here in a few minutes.”
dad: “no your not, there’s still work to do.”
me: “i have to go!”
him: “you can still do some work!”
me: “FINE!”

i go down to garden. do his orders and get tractor stuck on other wood. he get’s angry because he thinks it was my idea. i say i’m gonna get my coat, since it’s almost time for me to go. he says i can’t. i say mom said i can. he says want me to call mom? i say sure. he calls her and says i was being very dis respectful and was using nasty language. which i wasn’t. she sensed that he was going to cause a problem and said i can go. i get my jacket and he follows me and gets in face and makes fun of me. i ignore him and get picked. he tell’s friends mom that i’ve been very bad and she should watch out for me. she kbnew a litle about what him and ignored it.


at friends house. my mom shows up crying. apparently my dad had called my mom at work a couple times complaining about my behavior “problems”. she said for hm to stop complaining and do something about it. so he said he’s going to take it into his own hands. my mom got worried and came over. since there’s a cop a ew houses down from my friends whom their friends with, we called hi to let him know what was going on. he said he send a unit to check on my dad at home. nothing happened there. sometime in there he called the cops and said i ran away, but they didn’t let it through since my mom and another officer knew where i was. i spend the night at my friends ( mom brought me clothes). go to school, get picked up, go to another friends house where i’m going to be staying for a while. maybe up to 3 weeks or as little 3 days. time will tell. according to my mom this morning he’s still very angry with me. and drunk.

well, thats my little tale of the week. i might not be posting much for a while, but when i can i will.

spell checked to the best of my ability.

Wow. Well, I don’t know what to say, except good luck, and be safe.
Things do get better, really they do. I’m thinking you’re in high school, right? (Sorry if I’m mistaken here…) It may seem like the day will never come, but trust me, it will: You’ll graduate, get a job or go to school, and you’ll be on your own. And life will start looking up.
Meantime, I’m glad you have a place to stay. Keep your nose clean and take good care. If your dad is that unstable, it’s best for you to be away from him, imo.


Stuff like this makes me want to cry. (People like that get to stick around and make their own children miserable, and my dad had to die. Sorry.)

You can do better, ynh. I hope your next few years are relatively easy, and that you can build a good life for yourself. Sounds like you more then deserve it after all you’ve been through.

I can’t say I know how you feel, but plenty of my friends were in the same situation in their younger years.
Things will get better. I wish there was something I could say or do to help you out right now. Take care of yourself. I think you’ve made the right step in just avoiding this situation any further. There is only so much that you can do or put up with, and sometimes getting out of the situation entirely is your only choice.

Good luck, ynh. Let us know how you are doing.