G*d-d*mn*d M*th*rf*ck*r!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not taking the Lord’s name in Vain, I am merely Heaving a suggesting towords him. A 6’, 200lb suggestion!!!

I come home from school, to see, that not my mother is not waiting patiently for me. I walk in the door, and sense it is wrong, to ask aloud, where my mother’s gone. I run to down the hall, and My dad’s fucking asleep. I ask where my mother is, and he replies grumpily and all, “I don’t know”. I say, OK, and pop “3 kings into the VCR”.

about, 30 minutes later, who is to call, but my mother, and she sounds like she’s about to ball! I ask her what’s wrong, and why she’s not at home, and she says, “I’m sorry hon, but I got home and your father started yelling at me, and swearing, and I was scared for my life. he punched the refrigerator withall of his might. I’ve never sworn in front of my mother, but I said, “that God-Damned Cock-sucking MOTHERFUCKR!!!” she said, I’m sorry dear, that yo uare so upset, but please of please boy, do not fret.” I told her that I’m gonna kick his ass". I then asked her the whole story, and she said that she cam home, and the above happened. I was wondering if my father was an alcoholi for a while not, and tonight I am confirmed of my beliefs.

I WAS SO PISSED, and still am, my hands are shaking, and my palms feel like clams. I was SOO Pissed, that I ripped a TV GUIDE in half. (binding to paper) and then a Reader’s digest, from end-end. I then found all of his beer. Brought it outside, Shook the cans up one by one, and threw them at trees. I broke every single one of them.

I went back inside, and and thought what the Hell, better make some shrine of alcohol. so I took the TVGUIDE and the Reader’s Digest too, and set them on the counter-top, with a cute little note, that says
“The work of Adam Brown in anger, for being deceited, cheated, and wronged”.

I took the now-empty beer case, set it on the counter-top with a 20 dollar bill on top, and a note too, that read
“Dad, Here is $20 for the pants”(my father bought me 2 par of pants the other day)", and the Devil (Alcohol. It is out, scattered, frozen, and smashed in the woods where it can no longer harm anyone.
Adam Brown"

sorry, had to vent.
thank you for reading, if you read this last post, put a smiley face before your post. (I need to get cheered up, and all.)


Just for you, Ad Noctum.

I’m sorry, Adam. I’ve known quite a few addicts in my life, and alcoholics are the worst. Not a comfort, I know, but I sympathize.

:slight_smile: Just for you, Adam.

Oh, hon…<not knowing what to say about this latest>

{{{{{{{{Ad Noctum}}}}}}}}

::well-earned cuddle for Adam::

Hang in there, sweetcheeks. :slight_smile:


Others will have advice out the wazoo for you.

{{{{{{Ad Noctum}}}}}

((((((((Ad Noctum))))))))

You’re in my thoughts.

:slight_smile: <===That’s hard to do right now.

I’ll say a prayer for you and your family Ad Noctum


I just want you to know that all these :slight_smile: have caused me to get that “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song stuck right in my head. Thanks.

Hang in there, Adam.

Y’know, I saw the title of the thread and almost knew what it was about before I read it. It was really weird. Those are the two words I associate with my dad too. Drag man.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Adam- I put two- feel better- I hope…

thank you all.
I have an overnight bag packed, and am waiting for him to push me over the edge to leave. with Ka-bar knife at hand, I sit at the computer. Not to cut myself, but to use in self-defense if my father makes a drunken attack at me.

again, thank you all, and continue with the posts.

Come stay at my house. Please? Sure, you’ll have to find a ride to Mora, but I don’t want you to be there if it’s dangerous for you. :frowning: Seriously, you do have somewhere to go, right?

Sarah- extremely worried right about now…

I have somewhere I can go, just not readily available. (no transport)

but please, I will be ok, do not wory about me. I have everything under control.

and hey, Silver Fire, I’d stay at your house anytime :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Adam. I know I’ve said this, oh, about a billion times before (including during our conversation tonight), but please know that you can call me anytime, day or night. (I’ll work on getting a microphone, by the way.)

It worries me that you’re waiting for your father to “push you over the edge” before you leave. That’s an understatement – it doesn’t just worry me, it scares me to death. :frowning:


Well, I do live with my parents again. Just so you know. And I am really worried right now. Where are you going to stay? Friends house? Family member?

Okay, guys, AIM Express just made my computer crash, so I’m downloading AIM 6.0. It’s going to take a long time though. :frowning: So you’ll probably be done with whatever scheming it is you’re doing. Don’t you people Yahoo! ?

::hoping you think to check this thread…::

No, we don’t “yahoo”

pah… who does THAT?
yea, we’ll probably be done…

thank you though :slight_smile:

Just popping in to strongly suggest you stay somewhere else for a while, Adam.

I just got off the phone with Adam, and he’s going to stay with his mom for a while. She should have picked him up by the time I type this. He has said that his online access will prolly be limited over there, but he has my phone #, and I’ll pass along any info he gives me. We can all rest easier now that the situation has been defused for tonight, and I need to get to bed. Adam did ask me to thank everyone for their support, so- everyone, thanks from Adam.

Addy, you know I’m hear for you, sweetness. Don’t hesitate to IM me, or if you’d like, I could call you.