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I have a very boring job, so I often post to the SDMB throughout the day. However, many times, I have difficulty finding something that catches my interest enough to post to, so I’ve decided to open my very own thread for me to post to whenever I want. I think by posting replies to myself I should be able to find something interesting evey day.

First topic - checked to Post Dispatch online this morning and there was an article about problems between the new Cubs manager and Sammy Sosa and the possiblity of the Cubs trading Sosa since his contract is up after next year. This got me thinking how great it would be if the Cards got him, cuz then Sammy and Big Mac would be on the same team.

Anyway, I’ll get back to me later.

That’s actually almost mildly amusing…

Whoops, sorry!


Dammit man! You did that on purpose!

Now I’ll have to start a new thread!

that was mean, demo.

oh, geez.


I swear, you people are the nosiest group of miscreants I’ve ever come across. Maybe I should’ve titled the thread, “Don’t View This” Would that have helped or just piqued people’s curiosity and have the same results?

Just stopped by to say hi, BratMan. {{{{{{{{BratMan}}}}}}}
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No, Brat dear, it wouldn’t have helped! :stuck_out_tongue:

“don’t view this” would have worked better…

Now I’m being attacked in my own thread.

And, PB, couldn’t you have thrown your body against me instead of your body pillow? :wink:

Don’t tempt me! Mr Bear will be gone a long, long time! :wink:

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Sorry, my dear. We’ll have to stick to pillow fights and water fights.

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Now the husbands of women I flirt with are in my thread. What is a boy to do?!

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Hello?.. is this off limits? Should I be posting here? Cuz if I ain’t aposta, I’ll stop…after these upcoming words…not these ones, the ones coming up…you jumped the gun again…the words I’m talking about are on the way…after a couple of period pauses…not those ones…these ones…

Ooomph! Oh, yeah? Waiting til he’s distracted by reading yet another poster, pbear grabs her other pillow and hits Brat across the back of his head THWACK!!

Heheheehe! Running for dear life now, no telling what he’ll do next!


Pillow fights, intrusions, I haven’t even began to discuss with myself the great possibilites of Sosa becoming a Cardinal and having him, McGwire, Edmonds, and Tatis all on the same team.


I am SO close to just giving up on this idea.

Geeze, you say it like it’s a bad thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww, don’t give up BratMan, we wont disturb you anymo… oh hell, now I’ve done it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Bratman, buddy, please go on with the sports analysis. Enquiring minds want to know. I’ve got 2.5 more hours here at work with nothing to do, so any updates would be manna from heaven.

Say, BratMan…is it okay for me to lurk, reading your posts to yourself as long as I don’t inturrupt…oh, shit.
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You weren’t supposed to post in this thread.

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Am I missing anything good?

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Fine, I’ll just carry on as if you people weren’t here.

So, BratMan, do you honestly think the Cubs would trade Sosa? The fans would be furious, and the Cub manager may not like Sosa’s defensive capabilities, but he more than makes up for it at the plate. If you’re looking for someone who can hit, hit for power, win a gold glove, and steal bases, only two names come to mind – Ken Griffey Jr and Willy Mays. The Cubs can’t possibly expect every player to be a Mays, so they have to overlook certain deficiencies in favor of the player’s attributes.

>>responding to myself<<

No, BratMan, I don’t think the Cubs would really trade Sosa, but wouldn’t it be nice to imagine that line up? Big Mac and Slammin’ Sammy back-to-back? Edmonds, Lankford, Tatis, and Drew, all capable of hitting 30+ homeruns in a season. Talk about your dream teams.

Ya know what? Discussing with myself is a lot more boring than I had originally thought. Do I bore you people like this? Of course, since you’re not supposed to post here, I don’t expect an answer.