Nomadic Spammer

I’m not the shy type so I will just introduce myself.

No I’m not the bad type of spammer, I’m just opinionated, sarcastic, flirtatious, and immature. OK so maybe I am the bad type of spammer, but at least I won’t post advertisements.

So what do I need to know to get along here? Who do I need to watch out for? Where are the attractive women;) OK now; ask questions, flame me, haze me, subject me to your bizarre neo-pagan initiation rituals…

<pats Waverly on the head> Hehe… :slight_smile:

I suggest you try the section of this board that’s all about this message board. Also, if you’re a teen, Jester has a cool thread in the pit about what not to do. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the SDMB.

P.S. - All of the women here are attractive… this place should be voted the sexiest board community on the net. :slight_smile:

[sub]No… I really don’t feel like linking anything this evening.[/sub]

Thanks Simetra.

My mental age is 19, but my body has slightly more wear and tear.

“All of the women here are attractive” - Errrm…Is there one in particular you are trying to make points with, or just covering all your bases?:D:D

“covering all…”

::cowers in the corner, covering her ears::

Lalalalala I can’t hear you lalalalalalalala.


Simetra (who, by the way, is very observant, astute and has now moved up a few notches on my “posters I admire list”) has given you good advice. Read through some of the older threads to see what’s already bee talked about.

Good grammar, complete and concise thoughts and well-thought-out arguments are always appreciated. Read through Jester’s thread: most of it is good advice for almost anyone.

Adoring and worshiping us women on these boards is a good thing (IMHO). Gratuitous flattery is also appreciated, and may get you a skritch behind the ears…

screetch-owl… wise, beautiful, and able to turn heads 270 degrees:)

Thanks for the link. I’m a nomad because my last home (and the only other message board I found interesting enough to participate in) lost touch with such common sense conduct. This place seems to have the right mix of humor and intelligence.

Such courteous welcomes:) So you guys don’t have any savage sacrament of subjugation to inflict on newbies? I’m relieved, yet perversely disappointed:D

Well, if you really need to experience a savage sacrament of subjugation, I’m sure there are more than a few who would be willing to oblige you. Not me, of course, being the sweet, gentle soul that I am, beloved by all, admired and worshipped and generally tolerated, but I hear some people here can be real meanies.

Welcome to our sandbox. What ya got in your lunch box??

Many times I have posted to “Welcome To The Damn Boards” threads, some times having posters stick around. Stick around! And, when you get your chance, visit Crunchy Frogs Welcome Wagon! (Link not provided because I’m too lazy to go looking for it.)

Anyways, Welcome To The Damn Boards! Stick Around, and if you have MiRC, we’re on Undernet, come to the #straightdope chatroom (“Where All your dreams come true, if your dreams are about chatting!”).

What? Did you want a beating or something? I mean, heck, we can arrange that if that’s what you’re in too. Lord knows, we’ve got enough doms around here <wink, wink, nudge, nudge> to accommodate (sp?).

Okay, here’s the skinny:[ul]
[li] Spelling, grammar and correct use of your keyboard (no ALL CAPS TYPING, correct capitalization of words) is always appreciated.[/li][li] Flirting whenever possible is highly encouraged (at least in MPSIMS and IMHO)[/li][li] Flaming is for the Pit only[/li][li] Follow the rules of the Board. Moderators do not take any crap.[/li][li] If you’re presenting an answer to a question or making a claim, don’t be surprised if people start screaming, “Facts, cites, references” if they doubt the veracity of your statement. We are here to fight ignorance, after all.[/li][li] Come to a DopeFest! We seem to be having them all over the country (and world!) when people get an urge for drunkeness and debauchery. Plus some really, really good conversation. I’ve met some of the most incredible people on this Board IRL and it just gets better as time goes by.[/li] The vast majority of people on this Board are smarter than the average bear. Just recognize that fact. [/ul]

Okay, that first item on the list should read: “…are always appreciated.”


::skritches Waverly behind the ears::
::learns very close to his neck::
::whispers six little words in his ear::

“Check out and, too.”

Now why am I not surprised that someone with a name like BunnyGirl enjoys a bit of flirting?:rolleyes: I’ll keep that in mind, fuzzy one:) BTW Flaming is bad, but the moderators won’t beat me over the head with a rolled up Chicago Tribune for some good natured tweaking, will they?

My lunch box is empty, FCM, I’m off to some unhealthy bar and grill for lunch. Luckily I have a high metabolism.

Totoro Thank you very damn much for your damn welcome:D Yeah, I’ll stick around, hopefully not to everyone’s disappointment.

OMG! screetch-owl: Already bookmarked;). Right next to these: - check out the commentaries section

I have no knowledge of this ever happening…

/Princess Bride/
Liar! Liar!
/end PB/

::sound of screech-owl’s lower mandible hitting the floor::

No, only for egregious smiley use. Pllbbbbbbtt!