Non-24-hour-sleep-wake disorder, anyone have experience?

For years I’ve had this issue with not sleeping at the same times, basically moving my sleep clock forward gradually until I cycle back. It seems to match this disorder I’ve been reading about recently:

see wiki–wake_disorder

It’s a a real mess too. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience and practical tips for dealing with it.

Thanks in advance!

I wish I had some tips for this. I’ve had this problem since, like, forever. When I had lunch with Christopher Columbus way back when, even he noted I was sleepy at noontime. I’d like to hear any suggestions too.

Sleeping pills seem to be helpful, but only for very short term – like only for an occasional night if I have something scheduled the next day that I really want to be awake for. For more than a night or two in a row, however, they don’t work, and one quickly gets dependent on them to get any sleep at all.