Nonfiction about modern combat

I just finished a fantastic memoire about the British Occupation of Iraq circa 2003-2006. Most of the book was about the political dynamics in Southern Iraq. But there were also a few stories about combat that I thought were interesting, as told from the perspective of a veteran but without the bullshit you find in a lot of the genre. It reminded me a little of the documentary Restrepo.

I’m interested in other first-person accounts of combat at the squad or at most company level in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know there’s a ton of it out there, but I don’t really know which of it is dreck and which of it is worth reading. What’s good?

*Generation Kill *is quite good, and was made into an HBO series.

Not quite so recent, but Blackhawk Down by Mark Bowden is excellent.

House to House

The Outpost - Jake Tapper - long and detailed and made me wonder just how incompetent some of our military leaders are. Truly heroic soldiers in an untenable position.

Victory Point - Ed Darack - a broader look at the larger story surrounding the Lone Survivor incident. More bungling at pretty high levels.

House to House by David Bellavia was very good with lots of combat stories.

Thanks for the suggestions. I picked up House to House. Well-written so far.