Norman Rockwell paintings that don't normally get reproduced

A discussion of why the children-playing-hockey scene on the back of the new five-dollar note doesn’t include some real-to-life details like hockey parents slugging each other in the background led to the following question:

What are some of the lesser-known Norman Rockwell paintings that for some reason never get published in greeting cards and coffee-table books?

I can think of some examples:

The Taunting
The Enema
Little Timmy Cthulhu’s Christmas Puppy
The New Suppository
Lunchtime Shakedown

I’m sure that we Dopers can think of many more…

[Steven Wright] I have an extremely rare photograph of Norman Rockwell beating up a child. [/Steven Wright]


Norman Rockwell’s Erotic Engravings :wink:

Andrew Wyeth Nails Helga

Turn Your Head And Cough

Bath Time for the Hobos

Yes, Timmy, That’s Infected

Uncle Bob Tells Us About His Vacation In Bangkok

Playground Surrender (kids in Nazi uniforms running towards a frightened French kid)
Angry Self-Portrait
Screw You, Daddy!
Drunk Fireman

back from prison

bullies and wimps

how much for round the world?

ma, youre suffocating me with your huge breasts

What’s Daddy Doing to Mommy?

Finding a Used Condom Under the Swing Set

Mocking the Black Kid

I Pooped

The New Vivisection Kit

Making Change from the Collection Plate

Taking Rex to get "Fixed"

Rummaging through the Salvation Army Clothes Donation Box

I Thought the Bathroom Door Was Locked!

Would You Like Some Candy Little Girl?

Princess’s First Period

The New Jew in School

Putting Down the Marchers

Grampa’s Worms

Leech Therapy

“You gave me crabs!”
(a series of two-shots of people conveying the information, and the first person in the first picture is the last one in the last)

“Rosie-Ellen arrives at the Greyhound Station”
(and is being offered a job by a friendly, well-dressed, well-bejewelled man)

“Applying for the Divorce Papers”

I’m not the father!”

“The Satanic Alliance”
(a shot of a hippie, a drug addict, a little old lady lesbian, Bill Clinton, a catholic, an evolution teacher, a government official, all in profile, facing the same way with eyes closed while the shadow of a man with horns is cast across them by a lake of fire)

Playing “Doctor” Behind the Barn

Johnny’s First Cigarette

Union Activists and National Guardsmen

Uncle Bob Shows Little Lisa His Pet Trouser Snake

Junior Arsonists

“Hey, Ma, watch this!”

Eviction Notice

Old-Fashioned Lynching

The Gynecologist at Work

The New Kid Gets Ostracized

The Bank Forecloses on the Thompsons

The Boss Gives Daddy His Pink Slip

Mommy Finds Daddy in Her Pink Slip

The Real Football Hero: A somewhat shady “doctor” (we’re not sure of what) gives a chalk talk about steroids to a roomful of high school football players.

Santa’s Different Gift: It’s a lovely little New England town on a winter’s night. The houses are wearing their coats of snow, the windows of the buildings and houses are brightly lit, and there are Christmas decorations everywhere. It’s time for the annual Santa Claus Parade, and all the townspeople are lying in pools of blood in the street, while Santa himself is standing in his sleigh, holding a smoking automatic weapon.

I think we all know how I feel about Normal Rockwell.

Just don’t ask me about Thomas Kinkade, ok? :wink:

Oh…Norman Rockwell. :stuck_out_tongue: I have to stop trying to type with Band-Aids all over my hands.

**Mommy, What Are Those Dogs Doing?

Sally Earns An A+** - Sally is on her knees with her head buried in the teachers’ crotch.

** Visiting Day At The Asylum

Daddy’s Funny Hat** - Dad dressed in his KKK Grand Imperial Wizard outfit.

My personal favourite:

Klan Picnic

My personal favourite:

Klan Picnic