North Korea, I'm impressed

I actually impressed that a hundred thousand North Koreans are healthy and stong enough to attend an anti-America rally.

And I think it’s hilarious that North Korea has designated this whole month for anti-American events. Yes, it’s "“Struggle Against US Imperialism Month” in North Korea.

Hey, Kim: who you callin’ a “fatty monster”?

Looks like Rick Perry shamed him into taking off his glasses.

That’s super. So let’s talk about something that won’t put most to sleep, what’s going on in Russia these days?

Putin, he’s no Lil Kim. Kim puts people to death with artillery barrages! That’s just way cooler.

Hmm… Who is it that Kim reminds me of?
Huge ego, makes outrageous statements of their power and wealth, makes lots of empty threats, stages their own rallies, all while everyone laughs behind his back.
Could it be… TRUMP!

And Trump has better hair.


Ooh, that’s a thread all by itself!

I’ve started a poll on this question. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I guess for the celebrating people it’s thirty straight days of the traditional “North Korean Struggle against US Imperialism” dinner… nothing in a bowl.

Hey, dammit, if I’m getting nothing, I damn well expect to get lots of it. LOTS.

Word has it that there was bumper crop of Nothing this season, so your wish comes true.

The pictures seem weighted towards military age males. I wonder what group in NK that might get more food than average might have served as a source for so many military age males. :rolleyes:

Hmmm. Thousands of people with one arm raised straight out with the hand higher than the head. Where have I seen that before?

A hemiplegia convention doing a wave?

Can…feel my…national will…crumbling…I must…stay…strong…

Those shirts and pants look like they were handed out a half-hour before the photos were taken. (and taken back immediately after)

We’re just big-boned!

Honestly, I hope some group (like the Oversized Americans for Equal Rights or whatever) takes offense at this and puts out a press release or something.

Still better than Rape Month on the SDMB.

We’ll get you a bigger bowl.