North Korea in China (YouTube documentary video)

Thought I’d share this video by one of the YouTube Channels I subscribe too (laowhy86). The video details a trip that he and another YouTuber (serpentza) that I also subscribe too doing a trip into Northern China and actually going to the border between China and North Korea. It’s a pretty harrowing trip, and it actually involved quite a bit of personal risk to both of the guys in the video. It’s also quite interesting, IMHO…worth the 20 mins or so it takes to view it. If you are interested in such things, give it a try, and if you want to see the take of two non-Chinese people who live and work in China (they are both married to Chinese women), give their channels a look…they talk about everything in their daily lives living and working in China from the perspective of laowai. :wink:

Color me unimpressed. Maybe because I’ve been there and done that for 20 years. I have also spent some time in Northern China and nothing overly insightful in the parts of the documentary I admittedly skimmed thru. For a superficial view with some “adventure tourism” thrown in, it might be appealing to some…

Well, no everyone has been there. Also, this is just a small part of their larger documentary on visiting Northern China. Since it’s well over an hour I didn’t think anyone would watch it, so went with the condensed version. :stuck_out_tongue: