secret life of North Korea

A friend watch this and recomended thist to me, and it is this.

Now my usual anonysers and free proxies arent doing a good jobhiding my ip but still dont want give it up kinda dont want to end up revealing this
the proxies still reject the video hoseted by freeline

can anyone find an uninvolved proxy where I can check this outt

mille gratsi

Who do you want to hide the fact that you saw this video from? :confused:
I couldn’t watch it from your link (Unavailable in my region due to right restrictions) but I googled " Secret State of North Korea Video" and got a pile of hits, in fact, I’m off to watch it right now.
Seems very interesting, thanks!

It is a very interesting episode of Frontline. I saw it when it first aired and was surprised by how much outside info is making its way into NK.

Like a closed world circa 1950, but with shocking treatment for those (even perceived) as not towing the line,
that said I read reports in recent months of dissent, people questioning authority openly
I watch just as much as I can and wait for it to collapse