Northeastern AIDS Vaccine Ride—training.

Hey, is there anyone out there who might happen to be training for the Northeastern AIDS Vaccine Ride? I’m doing this in September, and I’m looking for someone (or some people) to train with in the New York area. I live in Jersey City, so if you’re close by, write me. I’m not a fast cyclist, but I can endure. My goal is to achieve two centuries, back to back, by the end of July, which will make for one hell of a tough weekend. So, New York area cyclists, feel free to drop me a line at

If anyone’s curious about what I’m talking about, point your browser to .

If anyone’s going on this ride, look me up and maybe we can share rides to Montreal or from Portland—or even both! (Natch, if anyone’s interested in making a tax-deductable pledge to me, I’d be delighted to hear from you, as well.)

414 miles to find a cure for AIDS!