Rider #6947 - That's Me!

This summer, i’ll be participating in the California AIDS ride: 575 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, over the course of 7 days. It’s gonna be a hell of a lot of work, but i’ve been training pretty rigorously and still have a while to go.

I and the rest of my team will be riding in memory of Chris Robertson, a friend and fellow cyclist who died last November after being hit by a truck while riding in San Francisco. Chris was a very dedicated cyclist and had done the AIDS ride several times. He had already signed up for this year’s ride when he was killed. His family will be flying out from New Jersey to do team support.

So, now comes the tough part: i need money, and lots of it. I have to raise at least $2700 by June 2 in order to do the ride, and i’ve never even raised $100. The money raised goes to AIDS research. If anyone would like to make a contribution, please email me. No donation is too small or too big.

You can find more info at http://www.aidsride.org

Cool, zyzz! Well, you know I’ll do my best to donate what I can!

Just for a character-witness type thing, I’ve known zyzzyva for about 8 years now. I guarantee you that he’s not running some sort of scam here.

Happy training, zyzz!

let me know what you need and I will do what I can.

Is there a way to donate online or do we need to send you a check/money order/cash?

Well, i’m afraid that there’s no online form (it’s available for registered SF riders, but i’m registered as an LA rider even though i live in SF… a bad timing thing). You can, however, go to ttp://www.aidsride.org/downloads/donation/LA2001.pdf and print up the form. Simply enter “Liam Casey” under rider name and “6947” for the rider number. The rest is self-explanatory. Thanks!

okay, that should be http://www.aidsride.org/downloads/donation/LA2001.pdf

Hey, I’m in! If 135 people send $20, then you’ve got it made! It’s in tomorrow’s mail!


I am SO in zyzz…

I’ll get it out this week

Thanks everyone! You guys are awesome!

I’ll be sure to keep eveyone posted on how things are going.

Courtesy nudge.
Sounds good.
$20 from me.
As soon as I find my credit card.

Hey Liam, I was a rider in the very first AIDS Ride (Philly->DC) and I know what you’ll be going through! For the last two rides I have been a crew member, and will be again for this next one coming up in June (from NC -> DC).

I suggest you have a fund raising party. I invited a bunch of people over for one night & played a sad video that gave everybody the sniffles*. I had about half of my goal in one night (the requirement was only $1200.00 five years ago). Tell them it’s an AIDS Ride fund raiser when you invite them of course! Anyway I think the rider booklets we mail out tell more about fund raising strategies, but let me assure you that a party is the fastest way to get 50% or more of your total in a single night.

Glad to chip in for ya.

*[sub]I still watch it every once in a while and it still gives me the sniffles.[/sub]

And I missed this thread how? Liam, I offer no financial support because, well, I’m poor. :slight_smile: I think I have a nickel or something that I found in the couch, but you can’t have that. It’s my tootsie roll money. (For my nephew, he loves those things.) Anyway, good on you for supporting such a great cause. Once I get a job, I might be able to contribute to your fund but I do have to save money for my trip out there in July. :wink: I’ll let you know.

Good luck. Don’t worry too much about the ride. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Especially with car support. By the last day, 50 miles will feel like nothing. Is the route down the coast or thru the valley?

It’s mostly down the coast, though i think a bit of it does go into the central valley. I’m not really worried about the distance. It’s certainly significant, but i’ve been doing 50-60 mile rides on a weekly basis without much trouble.

Thanks all for your support, and for resurrecting this thread. :slight_smile:

Sent my pledge - who else is in?

Well, I suppose now that I have a job, and since he’s my best friend and all, I’m obligated… :wink:

Printing out my form now. Gotta wait for my checks to come in the mail, but that should be within the next week and a half. So I’m in.

Well, with barely a month left to go, i figured i’d give this another bump.

Also, i wanted to note that you can now donate by going here and filling out the online form. Just make sure you enter 6947 as the rider number.

Thanks again to everone that’s donated! :slight_smile:

Ok gang… the Ride kicks off the 3rd, which is in like 2 weeks so I thought I’d bump this for anyone that would like to donate and hasn’t seen this thread… donation deadline is June 2nd.

zyzz has been riding his little ass off in training (he rode from SF to Cupertino on a fixed gear bike, which, from what I am told, is no mean feat) and I’d like to see him meet his fundraising goal. I’m sure we have some Dopers out there who’d like to help out in this good cause. See the first few posts in this thread for details on how/why you can donate.

Thanks guys!