Northeastern Dopefest (NJ/NY/CT/Mass./RI)

Over here, I started a somewhat obscure “let’s get together” thread. Due to its obscurity, I’m starting this thread.

Basically, I will be working in central Conn. and western Mass. for the next 3-4 weeks, and was wondering about a get-together.

My weekends are free, and I’m able and willing to travel to meet the Teeming Millions.

So what do y’all say?

You linked to the reply page, I think you probably meant here.

You’re welcome to come to Boston, but that’s not very centrally located for the region. If only we knew someone in, say, Northampton.

Hmm, now who on earth could you mean?

I can get to Pittsfield at any time except Sundays… If it’s somewhere NEAR Pittsfield, I can PROBABLY go but I’ll need directions :slight_smile:

If it’s anywhere near Jersey, and in the time frame of 23 June - 9 July, count me as a preemtive “yes”.

'Cause I may be home. Don’t know yet, but I’ll let ya know!

Sorry, Trip, we’re talking about the time frame of the next few weeks. This came about because ExTank said he was going to be in CT, so I said we should have a Dopefest while he’s in the neighborhood.

On the subject of where “there” will be…The more I think about doing this in Northampton, the more appealing it becomes–not only because it would be oh-so-convenient for me, but also because there are many fabulous locations where we could do this thing.

So, what do the rest of the Teeming Millions think about festing in Northampton? The weekend of the 21st is no good for me, but I’m pretty sure the others are free.

How about next Saturday? Maybe a two-part Dopefest?

Part 1: late-afternoon/early evening for folks with kiddies.

Part 2: late evening/early morning for the single crowd.

Crap. And here I thought this was the big Jersey Dopefest. Call me nuts. . .
But I’ll throw one in that timeframe anyway!

Sorry, Trip. pat pat But hey, throw yer own Dopefest, by all means! The world needs more Dopefests!

So, Northampton? Yea/nay? I’ll line up a venue if y’all say the word.

Next weekend would actually work all right for me (I’m in southwestern CT). Am I correct in thinking that Northampton is in Massachusetts? If so, my attendence would be made a thousand times more convenient if an area Doper had floor space that I could use for the night.

Either way, though, I’d be down for a 'fest, even if I end up unable to booze into the wee hours like you young folk. :slight_smile:

All right, in the absence of any other input, I’m going to make an executive decision and decree that the Dopefest will be next Saturday in Northampton, exact time and place TBA.

Yes, Lux, Noho is in western Mass, about 30 minutes north of Hartford. Lemme look into the floor situation and get back to you on that.

I’ll be staying at a Residence Inn near Hartford, and will have a fold-out bed w/linens available for up to two weary travellers, if they don’t mind sharing a bed.

Geo: by all means, make a decision. I was hesitant to do so, as my schedule is probably considerably more free than people with real jobs and families and such.

Count me tentatively in, as long as I can get back home by 6:30 to go to the dirt races. I could show up around 2:30 and stay for a couple of hours… I’d love to stay and booze for all hours but I have to go to opening night at the dirt track with my cousin’s race team, and I’m only 18…

I’ll be there. I can squeeze three more into my car if anybody needs a ride from Boston.

Gaaahh! I’m sorry, I spoke too soon. Apparently, the family would like me around that weekend. Something about some holiday. Damn Christians.

I must regretfully send my regretful regrets.

Urk. Well, I just got word from the stage manager of the dance concert I will be helping with, and it turns out next Saturday my presence will be needed ALL DAY to help with preparations for the following weekend’s event. So it looks like I’m going to be out of commission for the next two weekends. Saturday the 28th is Senior Ball, which I’d really like to go to. ExTank, do you know if you’ll still be around the weekend of the 5th?

Not likely; I may be in Trenton, New Jersey, though. And that isn’t too far a drive for me. SO yeah, I’m cool w/the 5th.

Not being an observant Xian, I wasn’t too sure what weekend Easter was going to be. I knew it had to be sometime soon, just 'cause of all the tooth-rot on the shelves in the stores.

After much wailing, gnashing of teeth and confabs with various Dopers, my new suggestion is to turn this into an NYC fest on May 12th. Since ExTank will be near there, and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to get to the city, since I haven’t been in many years, this seems like a perfect chance to do so.

I’m not allowed to drive in NYC. So you’ll have to do without my illustrious presence. [sub]Stupid parents. Just because I’ve only had my license for six months…[/sub]

Well, I keep SAYING I need to make it into NYC soon, and Pucette and I were talking about possible weekends, so…

Count me in for the 12th. Should we start a new thread to catch the eye of the NYC dopers?