Central NY DopeFest?

Because of this thread, I got my hopes up about having a Central NY DopeFest. I don’t have to go back to work until the day after Labor Day, but really, I can make any weekend day during the school year. Any Central NY Dopers want to try a gathering? Where is a good place? I’m circa Ithaca, but can drive if I need to. I’ve tried this idea before to no avail, but maybe now’s the time…

Sure, I’m game. I’m right in Ithaca as well.

I live in New York City, and have a house in Buffalo, so the chances that I’m somewhere in central New York at any given moment are surprisingly high. Depending on the date, I’d love to try to make it.

What date works for everyone? As I said, I’m fairly free until after Labor Day, and after that, I’m free weekends. Do we want to meet in Ithaca? Is that convenient for you, delphica?

I’m from the north a bit, Plattsburgh. I’ll come down if there’s a dopefest.

My weekend schedules should be flexible for the next couple months.

How about the weekend after Labor Day? Does that sound good? Is Ithaca an acceptable location?

I’ll be in Kingston from early September to early November, and would be up for a Dopefest.

Sure – I’m in Watertown in July and again in the later Fall, and you plan the event for when I’m back south!! :mad:

From past experience Barb and I have had organizing get-togethers for people from Upstate, I can almost guarantee that Onondaga County is going to be where you end up locating it – central and on major highways. If I can suggest a little planning with very slender hopes of actually being there, the Armory Square area in Syracuse has a lot of stuff reasonably close together – restaurants, upscale bars, various kinds of recreational spots, perhaps even a meeting area at an affordable price at whatever they’re calling the Jefferson-Clinton/Dome/whatever Hotel these days.

Polycarp, when will you be around? We might be able to schedule it so you can come. Can folks start throwing out dates and locations?

I’m checking in to say that I could handle just about any location in Central NY. As to dates, I’m sort of hit or miss for weekends, so I’m cool with other people picking a date, and if I can make it great, and if not, I’ll catch you next time.

Fix a date and place, This fat white male will show up.

I’d be game. I’m more in Northern NY than central (near Plattsburg), but I know how to drive. I’m free pretty much any weekend expect for this upcoming one.

OK, what do you guys think about the weekend after Labor Day? Probably Saturday, September 11 (::shiver::slight_smile: would be the best day. **Terminus Est ** and I think we could have a picnic in Stewart Park, weather permitting. Stewart Park is easy to find: it’s an exit right off Route 13 in Ithaca. We’d have to come up with a rain location, since in Ithaca the weather changes from minute to minute.

You can all e-mail me privately if you wish; my e-mail is on my profile, I believe.

So is it just gonna be me and Rubystreak?

Is anyone still interested in this gathering? If the date or location aren’t good, let us know so we can be flexible.

LABOR DAY? :eek: I’m not going to be there, seeing as I am in Florida now, but go to the Plantations for me will ya?

What? :confused: Nobody said Labor Day. The only date mentioned so far is September 11 in Stewart Park for a picnic lunch is on the table. We could also do September 12 (which, as it turns out, might be better for me anyway).

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? There are only so many times we can keep bumping this thread. C’mon guys, join me and Terminus Est!

Seems to me you better make it this upcoming weekend. :wink:

Um…i could probably make it September 11th or 12th. I’m in Albany, but it’s not far, if someone can give me directions (or a good address so I can go to Mapquest!) Can I bring my SO? He might feel sad if he’s left out. What are we all going to do?

Sorry, I was just eeking at the apparently impossible-to-resist combination of the-day-that-shall-not-be-named and Ithaca.

:::pulls up a lawnchair, smells the summer air, slinks back to Orlando to bail from leaking condo:::