Time for another Boston Dopefest!

Last winter was so fun, we need to do it again! (Hopefully no Congresscritters GET SHOT on fest nite!) So opening to ideas.

You know I’m up for it. I’d happily meet at the same place but I know others want some variety.

It IS the spice of life! :smiley:

I’m in, although Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings are already booked for the next couple months.

Yeah, I can’t do Tuesdays or Wednesdays either.

Can you do “Live from Boston, it’s Saturday Night!”?

I’m away next weekend but Saturdays normally work for me.

Sure, I’m in.

Depends on the date. I’ll try to attend.

We’d be interested, but it would depend on the date for us, too.

So let’s pick a date. It seems like a Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday would be best.

I nominate Friday the 2nd or Saturday the 3rd of March. This Friday and Saturday would be good too, but probably too soon.

Also, I nominate moving it to western MA, just to prove to the rest of you it exists. And also because I’m a lazy bastard.

Worcester is actually easier for me to reach than Boston. But Boston metro area would be more central for people from all over New England. I know western MA exists. That’s the problem, it keeps on existing for miles and miles before you hit NY.

I’ll be visiting my daughter at Wellesley at the end of my spring break–March 15, 16th, 17th, like that.

There’s a German restaurant in Springfield I want to try if I’m ever out that way, but probably not for this 'fest.

If it’s out west I probably can’t go unless someone gives me a ride.

Or maybe we couyld do 2 of them.

I suggest Western MA, and you offer WORCESTER as an example? THIS is the thanks we get for buffering you from NE NY for all these years? Those people use THREE TYPES of mayo! ** For everything!** No other condiments! I mean, what the hell?

I wasn’t seriously expecting a western MA dopefest. I’m just, as mentioned, lazy, and was working my way up to suggesting a place I could walk too, despite the fact I could drive to Boston just fine. Also, I don’t know enough bars/restaurants in Boston proper to suggest one.

Though if I WERE to be that passive-aggressive, Northampton would be a good place for one. **If **you want too. It’s your decision. :slight_smile:

There will be chicks, and/or board games, right?

The Student Prince, which is presumably the resturaunt **RobotArm **mentioned, is a great place. Once you leave, though, you’re still in Springfield. . .

I think the Student Prince was once featured in a Spenser novel…

So was Chicopee. That doesn’t make it OK. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can’t get west of Framingham.