Update on Boston area Dopefests?

This has certainly been a busy year for Boston Dopefests! They just keep on a-comin’!

Just to confirm, we get to greet Asiron and Anaamika in Salem on March 29th, correct?

And then we greet What Exit? sometime in mid April, at some unspecified location. Can we nail that one down?

Yes, I was hoping Jim didn’t feel ignored, but I wasn’t planning to make any specific plans until after the end-of-this month dinner.

I do have my calendar cleared for when he’s here though, if for nothing else than to make sure I am free for the Sox & Yankees series.

I’m a little iffy on the March date as that’s our recruitment weekend. I don’t know exactly what part in the dog and pony show I’ll play yet.

**Rhiannon8404 **and I will be in Boston from the 27th through April 1st visiting her sister. We would love to meet some Dopers while we’re there…

We’re meeting at Salem Beer Works in Salem on March 29. I think it’s at 7. You are most welcome to join us.

Yay! that would be so much fun!

Well, I was going to dig up the thread, but then realized again that we have no search function!

(I’m really not this angry in person)
BRB, I’ll dig it up the old fashioned way.

Here, that wasn’t too painfull.