Northern_Piper is a bagpipe

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The avatar looks like a bagpipe. :slight_smile:

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A useful thread, as some people seem to think he’s a hummingbird. That’s Colibri.

You know, I always thought that it was a hummingbird as well.

Ignorance fought.

I thought this was a Pit thread at first and was thinking “bagpipe” was the latest insult.

Yeah, it took some staring at his avatar. But it’s a good pic.

I can’t unsee the hummingbird. It’s always a hummingbird for me.

Yep, hummingbird or mosquito. He has the most versatile avatar on the board. It’s interpretations are legion.

Okay Mr. Brain in a Jar. :wink:

lol that’s what I think of when I see mordeciB’s avatar also. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be.

Umm, it’s a brain in a jar. Always has been, never been anything else. Nope. Just a brain in a jar. Move along now.

What do you suppose the big B on the end of his name means? Why “Brain” of course. :wink:

For some reason, your “avatar” looks like a plane

What? No spoiler alert??!? Guess I won’t bother reading NP’s posts now.
Thanks a bunch, @Max_S, you, uh, erm… bagpipe?

Or at least a tile on a plane. Of a shape that would tile a plane. Albeit very boringly. :wink:

I keep wondering when you will change it to “LSD”.


Bag o wind
Wind bag
That’s what mine eyes fabricated

Odd for atmb

Me as well. I wondered what Piper did to warrant such an insult.


But where’s Pinky? ?!?

In some uncultured settings, it can be.

The Dope is far more sophisticated.

Probably not until retirement and he doesn’t have to worry about the employer snitches surfing his social media presence.

It’s a mosquito and a dessert topping!