Norwegian prison time isn't as easy as some Americans thought (Anders Breivik)

Anders is planning a hunger strike to protest his mistreatment
Breivik requests the Playstation 2 he has access to is replaced by a more recent Playstation 3. “Other inmates have access to video games for adults while I can only play the less interesting children video games. One example is ‘Rayman Revolution,’ a game designed for 3-year-olds,” the 35-year-old wrote.

There has to be a middle ground between prison that is too cruel and prison that is like a vacation.

Please don’t tell me this damaged human has access to first-person shooter games.

I, for one, support his decision to stage a hunger strike. In fact, I’d like to propose an even more effective method: a suffocation strike. If he’d just put a plastic bag over his head for ten minutes or so, I’m sure he’d get his PS3. Honest.

I keep looking to see if that’s one of those stupid Daily Currant articles, but it doesn’t seem to be.

21 years in solitary confinement playing video games?! I need to buy myself an assault rifle and a ticket to Norway!

I don’t really care if he has video games (within reason), nor a reasonable degree of comfort and care. He is locked away, his liberty is removed and he can’t hurt anyone ever again. It is a humane way of dealing with the issue of extreme violence. Far better than a barbaric, bloodthirsty revenge killing. Full marks to the Norwegians (their recidivism rate is excellent BTW)

O, the humanity! I believe he should also be given a pet to keep in his cell. I’m thinking maybe a swamp adder or a honey badger.

I just love how he refers to himself as a political prisoner, and a human rights activist.

Yeah, keep fighting the good fight Breivik. :rolleyes:

this is a horrible example of doing easy time in prison.

he should be forced to get a maximum score in all games before he can get new ones or upgrade.

Give him a Super NES and one copy of Battletoads. Tell him he can have more when he finishes it.

If they really wanted to punish him, they’d give him a Nintendo Wii-U and make him wait for the next Legend of Zelda game.

Yeah. My heart bleeds for the guy. My friend’s daughter when toddler would stamp her feet and threaten to hold her breath until she turned blue and died. Of course, she was cute when she did it.

Lucky bastard doesn’t even know how good he has it!

I mean, the PS2 was a great console! The hours I spent playing just Katamari Damarcy on that thing…

Shit on a tomato, I can’t even afford to buy a television and this jerk’s whining about an old-gen video game console??? And what’s this crap about the PS2 having only children’s games? He could play Mortal Kombat, Alone in the Dark, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, or any number of NASCAR/NBA/NFL-licensed games.

Also, isn’t he incarcerated indefinitely, since he was judged too insane to actually stand trial?

Not that it matters, but the norwegian-language paper makes it clear that he isn’t complaining about there being no adult games for the PS2, but rather that the he personally is restricted to games intended for children. Which is actually fair enough, that’s a pretty silly restriction (the prison claims it’s a coincidence)

I am opposed to the death penalty simply because I might be convicted of a capital crime that I did not commit.
I recently came across a quote in a Patrick O’Brien novel where a guy objects for being hanged for stealing a horse in the common.
The Judge responded, “You are not being hanged for stealing a horse in the common, you are being hanged so that others will not steal horses in the common.”
Wouldn’t stop someone from stealing horses, but it might cut the number down. :slight_smile:

It also really about how he’s saying that his rights are being violated (not that I’m passing judgment either way) but it’s funnier to just pretend that this is all about having a PS2.

You don’t get treated like an adult in a Norwegian prison. Why would you? If you could be treated like an adult, you wouldn’t be in prison.

You don’t get to decide when you get up, what you wear, what you eat, your days schedule, who you see, when its lights out etc. And you get about two hours each day of your own time that you can use to play video games.

Breivik may have slightly more since he can never mingle with the other prisoners.

I have a friend who has been incarcerated in Norwegian prisons as well as fairly hardcore UK ones. He say he prefers the UK ones by far. The Norwegian ones are like being an adult locked in the body of a 5-year old in the most OCD overcontrolling boarding school ever. Prettier surroundings, but you own none of your time.

I’d rather have a prison be a little too cruel than this bullshit.