Not a beautiful day in my neighborhood

So, it’s been a pretty scary day here… this is all happening within walking distance of my house. Every time the dogs barked or I heard a siren all day, we got very tense.

I hope this guy gives up soon. And because this is Michigan and Michigan’s economy is already tanked, I can’t help but wonder how much this fracas is costing the city. This has been going on ALL DAY and he’s up to 5 crimescenes, 7 dead people and 2 injured, and he’s still holding a gun to the head of his last hostage while demanding alcohol and that the helicopters stop shining lights on him.

I’ve got friends and family in GR, and they said it’s been like a city-wide crime scene all day. Hope this ends soon and with no more blood.

My cousin’s a Kent County sheriff; I wonder if he’s involved at all…

It’s over. He’s shot himself. Gah.

It seems like this might well be the best possible outcome for everybody concerned…

It really has been. When he was on the run he was literally reported ALL OVER town. No one knew where he was, but we knew he was shooting folks. He actually never got all that far away.

I’m originally from MI and have been to GR. What a scary situation. The guy apparently had a long history of domestic violence and threatening behavior from what I read. Too bad that it ended like this.