Not My Urologist...

Words fail me:

Man claimed on Facebook he ran a circumcision service — from his ‘cabin in the woods’

That’s an interesting cottage industry… :eek:

Low cost service.

Works for tips.

Impersonating a medical professional? Talk about hu bris!

“he never finished his urology training because he fell into the funeral business.”

Six inches, six feet, what’s the diff.

His name is Chubbs.

If they made his life into a movie, would Leonardo DiCaprio play him?

What appropriate questions could a guy ask a kid’s mom about her son’s penis?

The jokes just write themselves, don’t they?

Considering how much cottage cheese he must see. :eek:

(We really do need an “icky” emoticon.)

Looks like just down the peninsula is the town of Dildo, so, if he makes a mistake, at least someone has a fallback.

“I’m not creepy, by the way. I have training!”

Canada, eh? It’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Iceberg, Steinberg, what’s the diff, eh?