Not-So-Merry Christmas

Well, so far this Christmas has not exactly been one of the best. In fact, it probably ranks number fifty of the fifty I’ve had so far. I’m not sure exactly where it ranks for my wife, but it’s got to be near, if not at, the bottom of hers too.

It all started Monday. Well actually it started a week or so before, when my wife started getting upset about the fact that she hadn’t yet gotten me anything for Christmas. For those of you who missed my rant of three months ago, my wife is legally blind, has extremely limited mobility due to arthritis and diabetes complications, and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In recent years, she was always able to make arrangements with a friend to get out and pick up something for me. This year, there seemed to be a conspiracy to keep her from doing any Christmas shopping. There was a similar problem with getting the house decorated, which was adding to her annoyance level. I had repeatedly told her not to worry about it, that I wasn’t expecting anything from her, etc etc.

Nonetheless, she decided after getting home from her physical therapy session early Monday afternoon that as long as she was already out of the house with her motorcart she would try to pick me up something. So I get home from work at 6:30 and she’s not home. No messages on the answering machine, no note letting me know where she went. I am understandably upset, particularly since I don’t have any idea where to start looking for her. At eight o-clock I get a phone call from the police; they had found her two miles from the house and were taking her to a nearby emergency room to get her checked out because in addition to having been out on 25-degree weather for 6 hours she says her back and ankle hurt. They also want to bring the cart to the house, mentioning that there seemed to be something wrong with it.

I toss the cart in the garage for later examination and track down someone at the hospital emergency room to get the word on her condition. After some initial confusion (no, we don’t have anyone by that name here, are you sure they didn’t take her to XXX?) I get to talk to a nurse who says they’re waiting to take her to x-ray, after which they’ll decide whether to release her or keep her overnight. I verify that they are also making sure she gets something to eat, and sit back to wait for them to call back. Shortly after 11pm they call to say they’ve decided to keep her overnight. I go to bed.

The next morning I call work and leave a message on my manager’s voicemail explaining why I’m not there. Then I call the hospital (no, I don’t know what room she’s in) and finally get to talk to her about what happened. She feels fine, but there’s something about her blood tests they don’t like, so they want to keep her another 24 hours. This means she will miss the planned Christmas Eve get-together and present swap with our friends; I am told to go without her and NOT spend the evening sitting around the house. We also discuss possible arrangements for the family Christmas gathering, assuming the hospital discharges her.

This morning I call and find out that they had her on a heart monitor all night, and that they want to keep her at least another 24 hours. And no, they won’t let her out on a “day pass” to be with the family today.

So here I am, waiting for be brother to come pick me up, while my wife sits in the hospital.

Bah, humbug.

LurkMeister, I hope your wife gets better and the tests come back okay. Merry Christmas.

Oh, LurkMeister – and I thought I’d had a crappy Christmas! I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope Mrs. LurkMeister is better and back home soon. :frowning:

God go with you and your wife, LurkMeister. Our Christmas last year was bleak, but this year we were able to make a difference in several people’s lives, making it our best Christmas ever. As my mother used to say, you never know what’s around the corner.

I’m sorry you and your wife are having such a rough time Lurky.

Washte and I wish you both all the best, my friend.

Kushti bok,


((((LurkMeister ))))

You and your wife will be in my thoughts.

I’m sorry to hear about you and your wife’s problems, LurkMeister. I pray she will have total recovery from her ordeal.

Aww, I’m sorry to hear. Prayers being sent your way.


You just made my list. Awful damn sorry to hear this.

Our best to y’all, LurkMeister, and here’s hopin’ things shape up right quick. Considering the time, I hope you made something of the day, and heard some good news, mate.

So sorry to hear about all your problems during this holiday season. Prayers and good thoughts going your way.

{{{Lurkmeister and wife}}}

It’s not much, but please consider my good wishes and prayers a tiny Christmas gift. I wish there was something more I could do.


Just talked to my wife again; she won’t be coming home today, and probably not tomorrow either. They’ve got her on antibiotics and want to keep her there until they know they’re working.

I confirmed what I had suspected; she had managed to tip the cart by driving it off the pavement (a consequence of her poor vision) and banged herself up. And just to make things interesting, I just tried to call her regular doctor and found out he’s on vacation until the seventh. This may explain why this happened, since it seems that every time her doctor leaves town she manages to fall or something.

Thanks to all for the prayers and wishes. I’m at work now, but after today I’m off until Jan second, so assuming she gets sent home we’ll have some time together.


That does seem to be the way it works. Our pediatrician seems to schedule her vacations on the little one’s bigger medical problem days. Most of the time, at least.

Here’s hopin’ for a little more positive news for the two of you. Being hospitalized during a holiday sucks.

[sub]Well, a bit moreso than it does the rest of the time, anyway.[/sub]

My wife called a few hours ago to let me know that they told her she’d be going home tomorrow (Saturday), assuming the results of her morning blood test are okay.

If she does, then we might still be able to go see LotR as we’d planned.

YEA! MrsLurky getting to come home!!

I’m sorry this holiday season has not been the brightest for you both.

Please give the missus a kind hug. If there is anything we can do for you, just holler.

May the new year bring you something extra special.


Sending happy thoughts your way!!

Looking on the bright side, at least she’ll be out by New Year’s!!


Change in plans. Now they want to keep her until Monday. It seems that her right wrist got damaged and they’ve got it in some sort of brace, so they think it might be a good idea if she had some physical/occupational therapy to learn how to work with it.

It also seems that they haven’t been giving her any medicine for her Parkinson’s while she was in the hospital. I spoke to her nurse this morning and told her what she had been taking, which she will pass on to the pharmacy. I also explained that she’s been having regular physical therapy for the Parkinson’s and asked to have her attending physician call me ASAP, so I could discuss the details of her treatment and see if we could possibly just have her regular therapist include anything new she needs. This would be easier on her, as there is a shuttle service that she can use rather than have to stay in the hospital any longer than necessary.

We are not amused by this latest development.

:frowning: So bloody frustrating.


Sucks sucks sucks.

With a little luck, that idea about the regular physical therapist should pan out. Sorry to hear alla this, man. Some days it does seem like it’s never gonna end.

It’ll get better.


You are in my thoughts and I hope your wife gets to come home soon. I can tell from your post that you love her very much.