(not so) Profound Revelations.

I take a basic daily multivitamin. For years I have taken a bug gulp of drink, thrown the vitamin in, and swallowed it and went about the rest of my day,

A couple weeks ago I didn’t have anything to drink open, so I needed to open my pop. I needed both hands so I threw the pill in my open mouth. But before I got the water in there I tasted it. I had one of those weird moments where a taste reminds you of something definite but you just can’t quite pull up what it is. So for the last couple week I have been momentarily tasting the vitamins to see if I can figure out what the memory is.

Slowly day by day the pieces have come floating from my subconscious. I was a little kid. Something about one end of the kitchen from when I was a kid.I think The end with the medicine cabinet.

Today though was the great moment of unearthing. A memory of the the taste together with a memory of my mom pulling something out of the medicine cabinet each day and telling me to eat it.

Yes people,I hope you are not frightened by my incredible cognitive powers, and the profound associations my brain is able to construct.

AFter three weeks of determined self reflection I have discovered:
The taste of vitamins reminds me of…the taste of vitamins years ago.

I am 41 and only just recently realized that Cruella Deville’s last name means devil. I always just thought she had a cool French last name.

I hardly dare ask… you do also realise her first name implies that she is cruel?

Yes, that part was obvious to me.

I was in my early 30’s before I realized why men might have more of an inclination toward skid marks in their underwear than women.
I presumed laziness.
I don’t remember what made me suddenly think ‘Holy fuck, they have ass hair! That’s why!’
I probably really dont’ WANT to remember. :wink:

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’m a self-pitying narcissist, and that much of the time I’m a total asshole with absolutely no awareness of it. Now if I could only do something about it…

Deep snow has blanketed my neighbourhood for weeks. It’s piled up on all sides.

Lots of dogs in the neighbourhood, lots. I see them when I’m out walking mine, nothing new there. Of course they all pee, several times when out walking, mine does.

All that pee is frozen in the snow banks. No new snow means that, day after day, it’s more and more yellow snow. Everywhere you go.

I mean, I knew it was a lot of dogs. I know they each pee several times. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it was quite this much pee. It’s a yellow world - full of dog pee. FULL .Eeew.


When people buy “cigars” from 7-11 and the like, they’re using them to smoke marijuana.


Yep, they’re called blunts. They slice the tobacco wrap open, empty out the stuffing and put weed inside, wrapping it back up.

Also, if you’ve ever seen paper roses being sold in little glass tubes, people use those to smoke crack. The glass, not the rose.