Not young, not old? Check in here.

My teenage years are way behind me; but I’m still a few years from the big 3-0.

I’m not in bad shape, but the only thing faster than the rate my hairline is receding is how often the new white hairs are showing up.

The old farts have a thread. The young kids have a thread.

Dammit, we of the middle years need a thread, too.

So check in.

I’m turning 21, July 31. I’m having a quarter life crisis.

Wait a sec, you’re in your TWENTIES and you think you’re in your middle years? You’re still a pup by my reckoning. I’m 38, and I’m still in TV advertisers’ prime demographic, the guy they pitch beer and car ads to(except in my case, guys in Speedos is a better advertising gimmick than women in bikinis.
However when I hit 45, I’ll consider myself in my middle years.

I’m 31. I consider that 18 with 13 years training. :slight_smile:

3-0 is NOT old!

If lunapark makes the middle aged doper cut at twenty-one, then I’m a shoe-in at twenty-three.

A 29 year old checking in. In my head I’m still 18 but luckily my wallet is 29 :wink:

37 and in my prime, gotta love that :wink:

I turned the big 4-0. Forty is not young and not old. In terms of “development” and maturity level, I just turned 21. Whoooo Hoooo!!! :smiley:

26, but feel like 50.

Definitely. I was going to check into the old farts thread until I realized I didn’t remember most of what they were talking about. I the second best 37 Canadian doper, after sue,of course ;).

32 seems to be about as middle-aged as you can be around here, so sign me up!

“Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!” I always say!

I’m 25 next Friday and I feel soooooooooo old!! Well no actually, I physically feel about the right age, but mentally, 25 just sounds so old to me - I still feel like I should be about 12 or something like that!! I have walked the earth for very nearly a quarter of a century - wow !


Just hit the big 3 0 last month - it didn’t hurt a bit :smiley:

yeah for us middle of the road people.

31, turning 32 next month.

I still listen to my stereo loud, car and home.

Occasionally I still get carded. I think they do it cuz they have to but I like to believe otherwise.

I’m too young to get married, I still have me to figure out.

Bugs Bunny is my favorite cartoon and would watch it if I had cable. (ABC pulled it from their network the buttheads, guess that Time Warner thing got in the way)

At Christmas time I am always devastated because I didn’t get everything I wanted. hehe

I’m 25
And according to my friends and relatives an “old maid”. Life Sucks

I’m 27. I was fine with that until my cousin pointed out I’m no longer in my mid-20’s, I’m in my late-20’s.
(I’m pretty sure the bruises & swelling have gone away from the beating I was required to give her.):wink:

37 here.

::now where did I leave my Geritol?::

29 year old here and I will be 30 in a little over one month. No big deal either I just do not like the fact that I can’t say I’m twenty-something anymore. :slight_smile:

Just turned 30
with cats!!!

Luckily I live with my boyfriend.
Otherwise I’d be a bona fide spinster! :eek: