'Nother good series starting: Rescue Me on FX

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This show looks good! Dennis Leary stars as NY firefighter Tommy Gavin. He lives across the street from his ex-wife, has conversations with disembodied heads and the spirit of his cousin who died in the World Trade Center. Leary, as you may know, comes from a firefighting family and lost a brother on 9/11. As the star, a writer and producer, he tries to keep the story as real as possible.

Well, I just got done watching the premiere. I thought it was pretty good. I was worried it would be overblown, but the characters were pretty human and the action didn’t seem too bad either.

I liked it as well. Leary’s character seemed so compelling-- wounded yet not self-pitying.

I’m really interested in seeing how the rest of the series plays out.

I thought it was pretty good as well. What really surprised me was how funny it was, in a natural way, so it didn’t interfere with the character development or the plot.

Things like the one firefighter (forget his name) talking to Leary after the piss scene about the deputy mayor. The throwaway line “Hell, any moron knows that we spend at least two percent of our time cleaning up piss”. Stuff like that.

i thought it was a very promising pilot. i could see it on hbo, which is a huge compliment considering the quality gap between network/basic cable programming and hbo. it’s nice to see a network trying to do good television instead of going for the easy bucks, flooding the market with more reality bullshit.

i saw shades of six feet under, obviously. the “i see dead people” thing is pretty integral to the situation and leary’s character, and it would have been hard to show the depth of his guilt without his “ghosts.”

the series looks promising, and it definately gets a spot on my TIVO roster.

Just watched for the first time last night (a repeat episode) and wish I’d tuned in sooner.

I don’t have the characters’ names in my head yet, but I really liked the older guy who got in the fight in the gay bar, and I liked Lou, the one who’s writing poetry. His wife is pitiful and funny. (Remember her from Men in Black? “That’s not Eggar”.)

Hope they do a 3-episode repeat, like HBO does sometimes, to help the latecomers catch up.