Denis Leary's new firefighter series "RESCUE ME" on FX

Anybody else watch this? My wife and I loved it. Season pass on the TiVo!

We were also big fans of Leary’s last series “The Job,” but we were apparently the only ones, because the dismal ratings killed the show.

The new show is a balance between goofy humor (firehouse pranks, offbeat crisis calls) and wrenching drama (it’s in New York very much post-9/11). Leary doesn’t get enough credit for his acting; he’s got an amazing scene where he unloads his demons on a department psychologist.

Okay, maybe he’s a little predictable in terms of the dysfunctions of the characters he plays: Just like in “The Job,” he’s got a failing marriage, alcohol problems, and that sort of thing. But he does it so well. :slight_smile: And yeah, maybe one of the show’s central devices, wherein the lead is haunted by the ghosts of people he’s failed to save, recalls similar concepts from other shows, such as “Six Feet Under.”

We didn’t care. We thought it was fantastic.

Anyone else?

Discussed as well here

But I liked it, and especially found its dry humor very very funny.

Missed that. Thanks.

Considering that thread didn’t get much discussion, no problem continuing it here. Not that I have much to add, but it was 95% better than anything else on TV, so worthy of discussion

I missed it but I sure liked “The Job”, I have been searching for it on DVD but no luck so far, I know a lot of people that miss that show.