Nothin' from nothin' leaves a sequential thread

How the hell did this get in my desk?
Rabbit Poop

Talk About Photos!
My grandpa is going to die soon

When did mortality hit you?
Space Ship Collides With Black Hole=Immortality?

Homocidal Maniac on the Loose in Northeast! - Eve

I’m back!!! - C3

When did mortality hit you?
The Celebrity Death Pool 2004

When did mortality hit you?
Talk about photos!
Everybody In That Photo Is Dead: Morbid Thoughts Looking At Old Photos

What can go wrong next?
The Celebrity Death Pool 2004

Delightful home projects for American boys.
Babies with pierced ears and makeup

The colussus wakes ere long, Or: We’re getting a Wal-Mart
We’re Getting an IKEA!!!

I feel pity for both places.

That was an odd, short dream.
I met a homosexual and my life changed forever

So, When do y’all want to have another White Elephant thing?

I am creating my own country.

And everyone knows that every new country needs a white elephant!

Ambiguity and unrequited love
Either Or

Quotes that at first sound profound but really are obvious, stupid or pointless

If life gives you lemons…

Marketing triumphs … How Did They Ever Sell This?
So, we are hemmoraging money this year…and I get a (cough) new (cough) car

Philly Dopers – Dinner?
Yes! We Have No Tortillas.

New and improved donuts - no need to chew!

Marketing triumps…How Did They Ever Sell This??

New and improved donuts - no need to chew!

Cheap, Nutritious, and Easy to Make Meals
Well, easy to make at least.

What’s the title of your autobiography, and the epitaph on your tombstone, gonna be?
The Celebrity Death Pool 2004


And the Bartender Asked…
So, did I lose my cherry to a guy?

Choose a song for Kerry.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

The SDMB Xenophobe’s guide to…

sex toys

And the Bartender asked…

What should a used book shop be like?

Reccomend me a noir!

Superhero Noir

Stand back! My yard is a crime scene
Saddam Hussein, Poet and Gardener

Well, that would explain the WMDs hidden behind the nasturtiums…