Notification of message oblivion

That’s the actual header for an e-mail message I got today, courtesy of a Taiwan-based company whose software I downloaded on a free trial basis.

The software was glitchy and did not work as advertised, but what particularly annoyed me was it could not be uninstalled, so it’s sitting there taking up space.

My initial e-mail was answered with a flood of jargon giving the problem an arcane classification, translating to “hey, not our problem”.

So in my followup I devised my own classification for their response: Do Not Give A Rat’s Behind (about customers).

And now (sob), I have been consigned to message oblivion:

*According to our policy, following non-exhaustive list of message types will receive oblivion handling:

Unknown objective
Unrecognized language
Improper expression
Incommunicable topics*

Cuts like a knife, it does. :frowning:

When I wanted to uninstall something, and couldn’t find an established way to do it, I always turned to the old-fashioned strategy: Find the executable file(s) and whatever other associated files I could find, and physically delete them – with a file shredder program, preferably.

Also, look for it in any of the obvious places in the Registry (may it be cursed to Hell for all eternity) – like the various Start-Up folders (of which there were two, IIRC), and any links on the desktop, task bar, or Start Menu, and delete those.

Get Revo Uninstaller. Free, does all this & more.