Received an e-mail warning

about a new computer virus going around.

"This virus works on the honor system.

Please forward this message to everyone you know. Then delete everything on your hard drive.

Thank you for your cooperation."

I originally saw this one as the Linux virus. You were supposed to delete files at random…

Yup. I’ve gotten this five times, including the new version, which specifically tells you first to forward to everyone you know, THEN to delete all the stuff. The original had it the other way around.

Got it from my mother, who’s a tech writer. Delete #1.
Got it and the updated (by her) version twice. Deletes nos. 2 and 3.
Got it from my aunt/godmother who sent it to the entire family (i.e. all 20-odd brothers and sisters of her, and lots more people . . . maybe 75, maybe more). Delete #4.
Got it from someone else and was so pissed off by that point I just saw the honor code thing and deleted it on the spot.

I suppose that makes me a virus killer.

Next we will see the shareware spam virus.

>Hello this is the shareware spam virus.
>It is an honor system virus mutation.
>Please forward this virus to everyone in your address book.
>Then send me $20. [Ima twit, 555 BFE, Assboink ID 00000]
>Then delete your harddrive.
>Thank you, and keep the shareware idea alive!!!