Now, how come I didn't catch that before...?

Speaking of TV, movies, whatever.

For example, last night I was watching some Arrested Development episodes. One of them had Ben Stiller as “Tony Wonder”, a magician that GOB is in awe of.

Two of the tricks that Tony Wonder performs? Well, his most famous is baking himself in a loaf of bread and then jumping out of it later. The second, he conjures up a slice of bread and gives it to Buster.

Tony Wonder. Bread.

Wonder Bread. :smack:

How could I NOT have caught that before?


At the very end of the movie 12 Monkeys,

The research assistant who means to spread the deadly virus,

sits next to a woman on a plane. They introduce themselves, and she says:

“I’m in insurance.”

I thought this meant that

the “emergency government” that was in charge had some scientists working for it, but also a lot of people who had the benefit of just having survived the plague.

Only much later did I realize

she would have had to be absolutely ancient in the “future” parts of the movie to have been an adult when Cole was a boy. She therefore, was sent back to be deliberately infected/swallow a testube/get hold of microbes.

Don’t know why I didn’t get that to start with. (on preview) Hey, these spoiler tags work great!

Only this week did I catch something on a Simpsons rerun.

The sugar episode. No, the other sugar episode, where the town of Springfield is declared “World’s Fattest Town” and Marge has sugar banned. The name of the sugar company is “Motherloving Sugar”.

I didn’t realized until this week, though I’d seen the episode many times, that they slipped that in as a joke. “Motherloving Sugar” is a “soft self-censor” form of “motherfucking shit”.

Or am I just crazy?

You’re just crazy.